Dutch Fortresses That Exactly Mimics a Fairy Tale Castle

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Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and it never fails to amaze people with its ultimate charisma and beauty. The picturesque canals, tulip blooms, vines, dramatic landscapes, wondrous architectures, and all, make the city look like a place in the fairytale movies. In fact, there are many absolutely astonishing fortresses in the city that exactly mimic a fairytale castle. Include these fortresses in your Amsterdam tours in order to make it extra special and magical. Below is a list of some of the most amazing and historic castles in Amsterdam.


This is a mystical settlement located in the municipality of Gooise Meren at a distance of 20 km from Amsterdam city. If you are lucky enough to enjoy an aerial view of this star fort, you can see how beautifully the whole settlement mimics a massive snowflake. It is said that during World War II, Naarden was also used as a gathering point for allied bombers because of its unique shape. If you are a fairytale movie fan, the first movie that pops into your mind after enjoying the marvelous sight of this outpost will be “The Smurfs”.

Muiderslot Castle

Just like the castles in fairytale movies, where the prince and princess live happily ever after, Muiderslot is incredibly beautiful. In fact, this stunning castle that looks unbelievably like a Disney movie fort and is surely a great deal for all the folktale movie fans. To be precise, the castle is just like the one in the movie “Beauty and the Beast”. This 700 years old castle, that is just 15 minutes from Amsterdam, is also a great option for all the history buffs and architecture enthusiasts out there. You can avail the bus or boat service in the city in order to reach this wonderland.

De Haar Castle

Located at Utrecht, De Haar Castle is one of the most romantic fairytale destinations in Amsterdam. This is the largest castle in Holland and it will take only half an hour to reach this dreamy castle from Amsterdam city. De Haar has everything that you expect like huge towers, rustic appeal, moat and battlements, and many more. This majestically beautiful fort was constructed in the 14th Century, but some parts of the castle were renovated in the 19th Century. The best time to tour De Haar is during the early morning hours, as that is the time when you can behold the magnificent sight of sunrise in the backdrop of this castle. There are many buses available from Utrecht station to De Haar castle.