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Few things could be as exciting as a trip with kids to a museum in Amsterdam. That is reason enough to add the impressive Tropenmuseum to the list of the three best museums in Museumplein. This museum in the capital city of the Netherlands may not be as popular as Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum, or Rijksmuseum, but it has a history that traces back to 1864’s Koloniaal Museum, and is part of the three ethnographic museums that form Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen.

The Koloniaal Museum in Haarlem was moved to Amsterdam city in the early 1900’s. During the 20th Century and after Dutch East Indies became The Republic of Indonesia, the museum became a part of the Royal Tropical Institute which researches tropical cultures in distant nations. In fact, the scope of Tropenmuseum changed in the 1960’s to include colonial artifacts from Africa, Asia, and South America as well, and not just that of the Netherlands.

A trip to Tropenmuseum starts on the second floor, which can be accessed by visitors by taking an elevator. The exhibit floors in the museum are divided into sections or as per continents. It starts with the floor displaying items related to South American cultures and extends through African to Asian and the Antillean exhibits on the first floor. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum hosts temporary public expositions on several topics from time to time.

The impressive building in Amsterdam city also houses “Tropenmuseum Junior”, which is its separate section devoted to children. The entire museum or its exhibitions have a unique way of presentation replete with light, multimedia, sound, and oftentimes beautiful decorations that capture people’s attention. Yet again, the main highlight of the museum is the collection of objects on display and the esthetical and historical value associated with them.

Each of the exhibitions is going to be more like a trip to cultures one may even be unheard of. From time to time, the museum curators choose few objects from its vast collection and display them in a unique way, telling the stories behind the objects and tracing their origins prior to the arrival. The museum also provides an information card to visitors who look at the objects, which forms a part of its collection.

Unless you have certain eligible passes and you do not age more than 3 years, you will have to purchase tickets for a coveted entry to the museum when on Amsterdam tours. It stays open from 10:00 am to 03:00 pm every day except for select Mondays, which are also school and public holidays.