How to Partake in Rijksmuseum Tour in Amsterdam Differently

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Those on Rijksmuseum tour can partake in the exhibit in Amsterdam’s iconic Rijksmuseum Gardens. The highlight of the exhibit in the Rijksmuseum Gardens is the famous sculptures by Jean Dubuffet. The Dubuffet sculptures with blue, red, and white patterns are sourced from metros Lisbon, New York, London, and Paris.

The Fondation Dubuffet in Paris corroborates in the exhibit, and Alfred Pacquement, ex-director of the Centre Pompidou, is the curator of the Dubuffet exhibit in Amsterdam. The sculptures reflect the nature of Dubuffet’s work, especially the themes “Man Amongst Culture” and “Mother Nature”.

Even those who tour Amsterdam for leisure can visit the exhibit and see sculptures by the flanks of bicycle passage at Stadhouderskade or in the Rijksmuseum gardens from July 1 to October 1, 2017. Visitors can sit on a bench in the Rijksmuseum foyer, and watch the Dubuffet exhibit with a number of kites hovering above their heads.

Jean Dubuffet is renowned in Europe as a French painter, sculptor, as well as a graphic artist. Only occasionally, Dubuffet created sculptures in the 1960s. His “Group of Four Trees”, a monochrome sculpture made during the 1960s, stands in the front of monochrome Chase Manhattan Bank in New York.

In 1969, it was David Rockefeller who commissioned Jean Dubuffet to make “Group of Four Trees”. The sculpture, according to Dubuffet, is a drawing. The artwork comprises of white plains, interconnected by thick black outlines. The four trees are of different height and just like a real tree, with branches leaning to different directions, which would make viewers move their eyes around and see the sculpture from different angles in the Rijksmuseum Gardens.

The Dubuffet sculptures trace back to 1968 and later and many of them have never been on public display in Amsterdam until now. The Garden resides in Museumstraat 1, and the exhibit is especially for the Dutch public and tourists on Amsterdam tours.

Dubuffet’s work is modern and he has been an inspiration among 20th century graphical artistry. In the Rijksmuseum tour, you could also see Arbre biplan sourced from Lisbon, and Tour aux Récits, sourced from London.