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For tourists in Amsterdam who are also parents with small kids to watch, one of the best ways to manage their social time is availing the services of kindercafés. Amsterdam is supposed to be an escape from normal life, but contently watching over toddlers does not leave room for much along those lines. If you want a place to hide from bad weather, get food for everyone, or simply let your kids have fun in a safe place while you take a breather, you should visit one of the following kindercafés.


Frequently recommend by moms and dads, this play café has a wide menu and a dedicated play area out back. There is also an adjoining children’s shop gated off completely from these two spaces. In the play area, you have two staired wooden slides, drawing materials, ride-on toys, toy basket, and a foosball table. Dance classes are also held here, as are various workshops. The noise and crowding may put some parents off; for those preferring quiet, 09:00 to 11:00 in the morning is the best time to visit.


If you want a place that offers facilities for breastfeeding your child while you are away from your hotel, Boezemvriend is the place to go to. Stepping in, you immediately find that their services are completely oriented towards assisting with infant care through information and support. They provide sling morning walks on Thursdays from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, courses on breastfeeding, pump rentals, and “carry yoga”. Their website goes into detail on the several workshops and programs. The place is designed to be completely safe for an inquisitive toddler to move around in, and serves snacks for older children. An attached shop sells nursery bras, nursery furniture, and pacifiers.

Café Belcampo

A reading café located in the Amsterdam Public Library at De Hallen, this building is spacious enough to move around freely with stroller. The library next door has a kid’s area with books and tables. The atmosphere is markedly relaxed, and food out of a diverse menu is on offer. One corner is deducted to children playing with small toys or working their own little projects. If they get restless, they can run around inside the depot, or even ride a small scooter the place lets you bring in.

Cobra Café

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Located sufficiently close that you can get here quickly after your private Van Gogh museum tour, Cobra Café has a skating rink and skate park ramps opening into large terraces. Your kid would definitely enjoy the place, which the owners say is a “modern lunch café”. During sunny days, kids get to use the playground between the skate park and the terrace. For privacy, they have the area blocked off using a cement riser, making the area safe for both older and younger kids. For many parents, Cobra Café serves as a haven between museums where they can have their kids let off energy.

De Kleine Parade

Located inside the Albert Cuypmarkt, De Kleine Parade is a kindercafé you will want to enter when trudging through the street markets gets to be too much. If your child is a wild one, you can rest easy knowing he or she can safely vent all that restlessness here – a gate closes off the play area and café from the front door. The facilities include a play kitchen and a train table, where the little ones can keep busy. Your child can paint, apply nail polish, or enjoy craft parties. Breakfast and lunch are served in the café; you can get an updated menu right at the counter. This is a beautiful shop with enough space for a stroller to be moved around.

Groot Melkhuis

For a nice outdoorsy experience that does not leave your kid feel cooped in, you could scarcely do better than Groot Melkhuis. The pace has zip line, sandbox, swings, pedal merry-go-round, and a lot more. In good weather, they even bring out and blow up a bouncy castle. The café offers decent food including baked goods, sandwiches, and many kid food choices. Groot Melkhuis is inside Vondelpark, which means parents can rest themselves while their children play to their hearts’ content.

Haddock Restaurant

This is technically an adult restaurant with kid-friendly settings, but to many adults, that is better than a kid-themed establishment. In fact, it is among few child-friendly spots where you can get dinner in the city. There is a separate kids room with a TV, toys, art and craft supplies, foosball, and books. Outdoors, there is a sandbox, as well as a grassy area. They even have a tiny pool for summer. Parking is free, although getting there by tram is very easy too.