Three Influential Artworks Currently Displayed in the Stedelijk Museum

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Influential Artworks On Display

The Stedelijk Museum is an important sight in Amsterdam and houses some of the best works of well-known artists from all across the world. In fact, the museum is a preferred place for most of the visitors who tour Amsterdam in the summer months.

Stedelijk Museum holds an incredible collection of artworks that will surely delight any visitor. One of the specialties of the Stedelijk Museum is its collection of modern art, as the museum is a perfect place to learn more about modern art and the prominent works under the field.

The Stedelijk Museum hosts many of the exhibitions featuring modern art from independent artists all over the world. These exhibitions offer the visitors a glimpse into the status of modern art and the various prominent artists. Below are some of the best artworks currently on display at the Stedelijk Museum.

The Oasis of Matisse

The Oasis of Matisse is an exhibition that is currently running in the Stedelijk Museum, and will be open until August 16. This exhibition is a collection of the works of the famed French artist Henri Matisse. It is said that the incredible collection of artworks takes the visitor on a full course of the entire career of Matisse.

The exhibition is an excellent way to know more about the early works of the celebrated artist as well as discover his numerous experiments with painting. The Stedelijk Museum runs this exhibition of Matisse’s works along with their own permanent collections.

Cathedra – Barnett Newman

Stedelijk Museum holds some of the best-known works of the American artist Barnett Newman. Cathedra is one such exemplary work by the artist that is currently on display in the museum. Moreover, the collections span numerous other works of the artist as well.

Barnett Newman’s works belong to the abstract expressionist movement like the works of prominent artist Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Cathedra is a perfect work of modern art displayed in the Stedelijk Museum. For art lovers, the wealth of collections from this artist will be immensely useful in getting acquainted with the artist’s works.

Bellevue II – Andy Warhol

The Stedelijk Museum is currently exhibiting the works of the famous American artist Andy Warhol. Bellevue II, one of the artist’s most renowned works, is the main attraction being displayed in the museum at present. The artwork depicts the suicide of a patient at the Bellevue asylum, which is printed repeatedly fourteen times onto the canvas.

Bellevue II is Andy Warhol’s most important work and a true masterpiece. This current exhibition of Bellevue II will be a great opportunity for visitors to know more about the artist’s life and work.