Top 4 Attractions That Make Amsterdam Tours Worthwhile in 2018

Rijksmuseum Tour

Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

If you are planning to make a trip to Amsterdam anytime soon, go ahead and make an itinerary. There is a lineup of exhibits and several other activities to include into your worthwhile trip this year. Various institutes and museums in Amsterdam are hosting public expositions, and the city planners are coming up with improved transportation facilities that can make visiting certain landmarks in the capital city easier than before.

Heading North through a New Metro

The much-anticipated metro system, which will connect the districts in Amsterdam’s center to suburbs residing on the north of IJ River, dubbed as North South Line, will start running this summer. In the meantime, visit River IJ’s North Bank, which is presently reachable by ferry, and has turned into a buzzing quarter with the EYE Film Institute, the A’DAM Toren edifice, and IJ-Hallen cultural hub at NSDM Wharf.

Hermitage Museum’s Dutch Masters Exhibit

Some of the Golden Age paintings and other artworks from Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum collection are being displayed at its Amsterdam branch. This collection on loan at Hermitage Amsterdam includes some of Rembrandt’s deeply moving works of art. The exhibition will prolong until May 27, so there are a few more days before it wraps up in the museum at Amstel 51. Note that this exhibit brings together the works of world-famous Dutch artists, who are often dubbed as Dutch Masters, and one of them is Rembrandt van Rijn.

Van Gogh and Japan Exhibit at Van Gogh Museum

Of course, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a must when on Amsterdam tours. The Japanese exhibition running at the museum throws light on how Japanese art forms to have influenced Vincent Van Gogh. The Christ of the Coal Mines created a perception of Japan simply by collecting and learning Japanese prints, in particular. The Ukiyo-e is one such Japanese print, which Van Gogh collected Parisian art dealers, and reinterpreted on canvas in expressionism style.

The world-famous Dutch painter may be an Impressionist master, but this exhibit shows him at crossroads of entering expressionism art movement. You can catch the exhibit in Amsterdam’s topmost visited museum until June 24, 2018.

Stedelijk Base

This unique display of Stedelijk Museum’s permanent collection on freestanding walls chronicle artworks from late 19th Century to the modern times. The installation brings together hundreds of artworks of each period since then, including that of Vincent Van Gogh, and is going to feature in the museum for a long time.