A Supreme Guide on Best Record Shops in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is an enchanting city that is famous for its freedom, canals, and tulip flowers. Other than these known things, Amsterdam is also popular for its record shops, which you can see in almost every nook and cranny of the city. Recently, two record shops have been started in the Red Light District alone in order to boost up the local business in this area.

You can also see various record shops along the circuit of the charismatic canals, bridges, and historical buildings over here. All these record shops are within the walking distance only and hence you can explore each shop and enjoy almost every type of music. Below are some of the best record shops in Amsterdam.

Red Light Records

This is the best thing to do in the Red Light District now rather than the brothels and magic truffles. This is actually a part of the project that is intended to reclaim the red light district and to increase the regional business in this area.

The Red Light Records were created by Tako Reyenga and Abel Nagengast by converting an empty area in the building. Even though the stocks over here are limited, all of them are first-rate and out-of-this-world. In Red Light Records, you can also enjoy some new releases along with the second-hand records.

Flesch Records

This record shop is located in the neighborhood of Jordaan in Amsterdam. This 17-year-old treasure trove is distinct from other usual record shops over here. Even though started as an exclusive collection of classical music, you can see all kind of strange records including literature, soundtrack, library, and art at Flesch Records.

Another attraction here is the diversification strategy used by the owner that includes various vintage gears as well as farm fresh vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, the illuminating led lights in every nook and cranny of the record shop add to the ambiance.

Vintage Voudou

Vintage Voudou is also on the same premises of Red Light Records and started as a part of reclaiming the red light area just like the Red Light Records. If you want to enjoy the rarest as well as the freshest music, this is the best place for you. This small shop is full of treasures that include tropical music from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, and more.

Furthermore, this is the most reliant shops of almost every DJ’s in Amsterdam city as there will be no music that you cannot find in this tiny glass record shop.