The Best of Amsterdam Family Vacation Ideas

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Amsterdam is a boisterous city that is well known for its freedom and the picturesque canals. The city has something in store for everybody out there, be it a kid or a grownup. So don’t worry when you plan your Amsterdam city tours with your family. Still, it is better to plan the trip ahead rather than just wandering, because there are many places in the city that might not be child-friendly. Below are some tips that will help you to make your Amsterdam family tours more exciting and memorable.

Good Morning

Start your day with pancakes or pannekoeken, which is the traditional breakfast of Netherlands. Unlike American pancakes, the pannekoekens here are large and thinner, yet will be enough for one. On top of that, they offer varieties of pancakes fillings including jam and Nutella, sugar and syrup, ham and cheese, rum and raisins, lamb and garlic sauce and cream cheese, etc. The top-rated pancake filling for kids is the one with ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Enjoy a relaxed and leisure cruise through the scenic canals of Amsterdam with your family. You can also choose other sightseeing options like Amsterdam bike tours or bicycle rides or even go for private Amsterdam walking tours. However, it will be more comfortable to take a cruise when you are with your kids.

During the cruise, you can see many huge mansions lining the beautiful city with colorful tulips in every nook and corner. You can also enlighten your kids with the historical facts about the tall buildings, bridges, and the city. The ticket fare for kids below 13 is around 5 Euros and that for adults is 9 Euros.


After the Amsterdam city tours, hop into the famous Leidseplein square where you can relish the best dishes in the city. The place is known as Amsterdam’s food court because of its wide variety of food and cuisines consisting of American, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch delicacies. Drool over your favorite cuisine before you move on with your Amsterdam tours.

You cannot skip Anne Frank House when you travel to Amsterdam with your kids, as most of them will be familiar with her tragic story. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the bestseller books and is published in around 60 different languages. Take your kids to the place and make them aware of the consequences of war on innocent people, as this is the right age for molding them.


Take your kids to the historic center of Amsterdam nearby the Dam Square. You can see numerous street performers in front of many architectural wonders, which will amuse your kids for sure. Complete your day with some street shopping and a great dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city.