About Us

Amsterdam is truly a city of wonders, and a place worth visiting at least once if you can afford it. As a tour operator based here, we offer clients the chance to enjoy their tour of the city to the maximum. We are passionate about helping solo and group travelers ensure that they do not miss out on prominent or offbeat locations and activities.

A quick look from the outside would easily tell you that Amsterdam is unlike any other place on earth, except maybe Venice. Crisscrossed with numerous canals that divide it into around 90 small islands connected by over 400 bridges, Amsterdam is the perfect getaway for many souls seeking a change from the daily hubbub they are used to in big cities. For the anthropologist in you, it even serves as a chance to observe some of the most easygoing people in the world, and figure out how they are able to stay that way. There is no shortage of places to visit or things to do; however, simply killing time does not a good trip make. With a few tips and a lot of help from us, you can turn something relatively mediocre into the stuff of legends.

We help our clients get their bearings sorted out right after they arrive. We assist in planning their daily activities, modes of transportation, and various other aspects that make their trip go smoothly. With that sorted, we guide them through the wonderful cornucopia of architecture, culture, and art that is Amsterdam, and make sure their every preference gets catered to. Our address book contains not only the prominent landmarks, locations, and establishments, but also many of the offbeat ones. The latter appeal to many who care to admit as much, as well as a few others who don’t, and we make a point of not neglecting that fact. We know the best neighborhoods to visit and take photos in, the finest local eateries to dine at, and of course, where to shop for various types of memorabilia you can take back home to your living room shelf. Whether you want a taste of the museums or the nightlife or the restaurants, we have got you covered. If you visit as a group, we can also help make sure that everyone has their own preferred brand of fun and relaxation.