5 Things to Know When Smoking Weed in Amsterdam

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Smoking pot is one of the things associated with visiting Amsterdam, as you would know from what people ask first when you tell them you plan to tour Amsterdam. Whether or not you plan to smoke, you will be curious about it, so here is some information you will need to know before you light a joint.

Is it allowed to Smoke Anywhere in Amsterdam?

No, it isn’t. While marijuana laws may be more relaxed here than in other countries, it does not mean you can smoke wherever you please. If you light up in public, and if you are lucky, a local would point out that it is an offence. If your luck were not all that great, then the cops would find you.

Where is it Allowed?

Smoking is allowed in coffee shops, and no place else. However, you can catch the smell of weed in the parks, with the police not saying anything.

Are the Laws Changing?

The laws regarding marijuana have been getting stricter for the past decade, with coffee shops having dwindled greatly. While there are still plenty of these in the city, you will need to walk further to find one. This is because there is now a ban on coffee shops inside 350 meters from secondary schools, and 250 meters from primary schools. That has caused a few closures, and there is also a law stopping people from growing their own marijuana.

What Goes on in a Coffee Shop?

Since the advertising of cannabis is illegal, you can get a bit confused. Most coffee shops do not even have their own websites, so you will need to visit one and find out more. Ask to see their menu, which is bound to list the types of hash and weed they are offering, and the cost-per-gram. If this seems too much to be considering, then you can order a pre-rolled joint instead.

Hash Cakes

If you do not use marijuana regularly, then it is good to stick with just half a hash cake. You may not feel anything for more than 15 minutes, but do not go eating the other half just because of that. The drug only enters your system fully in around 2 hours, so be patient. The effect you are looking for is mild hallucinations, so make sure you are in a cozy environment and around people that you trust.