A Guide to Knowing the Famous Vondelpark in Amsterdam

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If you are planning to tour Amsterdam during your vacation, you might visit all the famous tourist spots like Notre Dame, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, etc. If you visit the Rijksmuseum, make sure not to miss the Vondelpark located nearby.

The Vondelpark was opened in the year 1865, and was formerly called “Nieuwe Park”. It was later renamed as Vondelpark after the famous poet Joost van den Vondel.

What is in the Park?

The Vondelpark is the largest park in the city, and no doubt, the most famous one too. Surprisingly, this park exists for 150 years now and has old pane trees, Dutch red chestnut, horse chestnut, catalpas, and many types of birch trees. It is a great place to enjoy jogging, strolling, or skating through the park on a sunny day.

In the months of June, July, and August, the open-air theater at the Vondelpark hosts many dance performances and music concerts. Though admission is free, you can book online reservations for popular performances. For kids, there is a large playground and six play areas. You can even rent skateboards at the Snoephuisje, and you may get pancakes here as well. From June until early September, there are many free children’s shows held in the open-air theater.

On Fridays, a night skate event is held here, while the yearly events include the running contest Vondelparkloo and the golf tournament Vondelpark Open. On April 27, they celebrate the King’s day mainly focusing on events and games for children. On All Soul’s Day, people gather here and float little “remembrance” boats having a lighted candle in the pond for remembering the people, who died in the previous year.

As this park is built on a muddy area, the park goes through renovation every thirty years. This is due to the fact that this park’s actual ground level persistently lowers itself. It is said that if renovations are not done, the entire park will get covered with water, and usually after heavy rains, many areas in the park become vast ponds. Still, there are many sights to behold in Vondelpark that make it a great attraction for tourists even during heavy downpour.

The three main statues in this park are the Fish, Joost van den Vondel, and Mama Baranka. Get in touch with your Amsterdam tour guide for more details about Vondelpark and the best time to visit the place.