The Best Local Foods to Try in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is famous for its culinary delights. In fact, there are numerous items in the Dutch capital city, which can sink you in their taste. So make sure you taste these delicacies before you conclude your tours in Amsterdam. Below are some of the best local foods to try in Amsterdam.


This is a deep-fried, sweet, oily delicacy, which contains fruit pieces. In addition, they usually come dusted in sugar powder. Note that they are usually available only around Christmas. So you might have to dig deeper to find restaurants that sell oliebollen all round the year.

Croquettes from a Vending Machine

Even though this does not include your usual, standard dinner dishes, or the usual surroundings, this is served at nearly every corner of Amsterdam. You can insert a few coins and grab your share of croquettes, which include frikadellen, kroketten, and hamburgers too. You can see these items displayed behind the glass doors on the streets.

Raw Herring

Although raw herring may intimidate those who are unfamiliar, it is quite a delicacy. This is a Dutch specialty served all around the city. When trying it, ask for a ‘broodje haring’ to get the fish served in a sandwich along with onions and pickles. The best time to taste these is between May and July, when the city kind of hosts an event based on these foods.

Thick Dutch Fries

You can find the thick fries known as “frites” on the menu of every lcaol restaurant. These are the thick Dutch fries, traditionally served piping hot in paper cones, smeared with tasty toppings. Ask your waiter for ‘patatje oorlog’, which is a blend of peanut satay sauce, onions, and mayonnaise, and dive into the rich taste of Dutch cuisine on your Amsterdam tours.


If you are a sweet lover, stroopwafel is something you should not miss out on when in the Dutch capital city. It simply comprises of a couple of waffles stuck together with a layer of delicious sweet syrup. You can enjoy its street on any random street in Amsterdam.


These are the ultimate Dutch pub snack, available in almost every pub in the city. These deep-fried crispy meatballs are served alongside mustard, which adds to the taste when dipped. Although not that famous among tourists, this local delicacy cannot be skipped when you are on an all-inclusive food tour of Amsterdam.


This is a rectangular pastry with a creamy layer of smooth pink icing on the top. Tompouce was named after a performing artist and its size is kept under check to ensure its uniformity. These delights turn orange around the King’s day in Amsterdam, and this must be tried to complete your tour.