Best Places for Affordable Shopping in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Tour

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is really popular amongst travelers, mainly because of the freedom the city offers. Apart from that, the scenic natural beauty of the city that is rich with beautiful canal belt and tulip flowers is also sure to amaze you. In fact, many places in the city actually resemble the ones in fairy tale movies. One of the major astounding architectures in the city is the Rijksmuseum, and unsurprisingly, most people go for Rijksmuseum tour during their Amsterdam holidays.

Shopping in Amsterdam

There will be hardly anyone who does not love shopping; be it a kid, adult, or an elderly person. The vast shopping option in the city is another major thing that invites most of the travelers to Amsterdam. You can buy clothes, food products, books, antiques, furniture, and whatnot at an affordable price here. If you are good at bargaining, you are more likely to crack amazing deals on almost everything in the Dutch capital.

The Frozen Fountain

Located in Prinsengracht 645, the Frozen Fountain is one of the best places where you can shop for beautiful home décor items and furniture. Even though the colorful and bold décor are all in vogue now, minimalist designs were the trend a few years back in Amsterdam. You can find all those old décor in the Frozen Fountain, which you can mix up with your mint ones at an affordable budget range.

The collection in the store ranges from petite objects to bigger furniture and crafts. However, it is recommended to shop the items that are kept for sale here in order to crack the best deals for your bucks.

De Kaaskamer

You cannot explore Amsterdam city without savoring the taste of authentic Dutch cheese. In the De Kaaskamer store, you can see a large pile of cheese that is stacked into the linings of shelves, ceiling, etc. Unsurprisingly, you will get a tempting milky aroma when you enter the shop.

One of the interesting things is that the Dutch cheese that is usually exported to the supermarkets is the rubbery ones. However, you are going to get a whole-new cheese experience here. The older cheese in De Kaaskamer offers a crunchy texture along with a caramel tang. You can buy high quality authentic Dutch cheese of your choice at an affordable price here.

Mint Mini Mall

This is the place for all those who want to find almost everything at a single spot. However, the mall is not as small as the name says. It houses different departments of shopping such as stationery items, food, clothes, home décor pieces, and many more. Yet the shop is constructed in such a way that it accommodates all the things very neatly.

There are also many strange items that you can shop here such as wooden mobile case, chunky ceramics, extremely stylish baby clothes, greeting cards imbued with seeds that bloom into wildflowers when they are burnt, etc. Mint Mini Mall is the best place to shop worthy and sustainable natural materials for your loved ones.