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Concert on Leidseplein Square

Bordering center of Europe, the tourists and the Dutch mingle with each other on famous tourist hubs in Amsterdam. A tour Amsterdam packs a punch with activities, pubs, breweries, and even the floating flower market. Below are some of the famous tourist hubs in the land of the tulips. These hubs might offer tourists something more enjoyable than seeing the Flying Dutchman in the Amsterdam Arena.

The Private Van Gogh Museum Tour Hub

The museum of Vincent Van Gogh situated south to the center of Holland evokes nostalgia. The famous Dutch painter may have died premature, but his works have traveled eons and put ancient Netherlands in astonishing portraits. The museum was opened to the public in 1889 with decorated sunflowers, and it stays open until late evening even today.

Bicycling Through Metropolitan Traffic

Even for the Dutch, the cycling gives exercise and ample fun during the tour seasons. Getting a bicycle yourselves is one of the best ways to roam the roundabouts and watch the Dutch traffic. Touring Amsterdam is right at the pedestal of everything that moves in a metropolitan city.

Concert on Leidseplein Square

The hub allows tourists to find exhilaration in the pubs, theaters, and the nightclubs. The Dutch in the Leidseplein town love to sleep in late, as the lifestyle is stylish in Amsterdam. The darkest hours at the square sees the Dutch and tourists swarm the area after attending a Led Zeppelin concert.

Scaling Up the Oude Kerk

Being the oldest building in Amsterdam, all tourists make sure that they pay a visit to the Oude Kerk. The top of the building terrace gives excitable views to most of the places of Amsterdam. The building stays open throughout the week, including the weekends, until six in the evening.

The Royal Amsterdam Palace

Once a town hall in the year 1648, now the Dutch palace! The palace is a great leveler for the Dutch people and the tourists wanting to see the royal hubs. Queen Beatrix used to stage ceremonies at the Royal Palace, and visiting the place would bring a great feel to the historians.

That said, tourists who are on a freeway might also experience a virtual reality ride in the Heineken brewery. Enjoy flying and have fun on your tour Amsterdam.