Exploring Amsterdam to its Elements

Private Van Gogh Museum Tour
Private Van Gogh Museum Tour

The Oosterpark Tour

It takes at least four days for a tourist to cover the highlights mentioned in tour Amsterdam guidebook. There would be places you are planning to visit, if not skip, despite all the time constraints. No matter what, experiencing tour Amsterdam to its elements should include the sum of the following places.

Anne Frank House

Following revelations of the late Anne Frank in 2016, a visit to her house turned museum near Westerkerk seems more enchanting. The museum holds aboard the events leading up to the holocaust as well as the personal experience of little Anne under a single roof. The bustling crowd turns up in big numbers even late into the night, making the place disquieting.

Red Light District

Red light district lights up halogen bulbs everywhere at night, even as Dutchmen turn into virtually “Flying Dutchmen”. Jokes apart, it is the time when drinkers start to prowl the area and tourists enjoy whistling away at the girls in the windowsill. There are many bars and coffee shops here, which stay opened for late night hours.

The Oosterpark

The large Oosterpark boasts of an artificial lake right in the middle with giant trees that give an aesthetic appeal to the place. The park is best visited during winter, which is when the landscape turns into a landfill full of snow. The tourist attraction is more intimate here, rather quieter too, when compared to Vondelpark.

The Vondelpark

There is a public cafeteria in the Vondelpark that comes bustling back to life during summer. Rest of the time, both locals and tourists spend their leisurely time playing outdoor sports in the playground and relaxing. The Dutch turn up in large numbers during weekends, so do schedule your tour Amsterdam itinerary accordingly.

The Heineken Experience

Open to tourists and corporate people alike, the central brewery plantation of Heineken beer is situated in Stadhouderskade. The funny thing is that despite the distillation units remaining inactive, visitors do get to taste the prestigious beer here. Staid sights around everywhere one would think, but the experience of sharing pleasantries in Stadhouderskade is worth more than the brouhaha over a toast.

In case time permits following the short-lived private Van Gogh museum tour, do visit the parishes in Haarlem town. There, you get to see a cathedral and enjoy the beauty of Jewish crowds singing religious paeans in groups.