Horror-Themed Attractions in Amsterdam That Can Chill your Blood

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

For a tourist to Amsterdam, there are many ways to see and sample the attractions which the city holds. You could go for a canal cruise, take a cycle tour, or take a short trip to spots located at the fringes of the city. Nevertheless, going by the book would not get you all that Amsterdam has to offer. For instance, there are dark alleys and unknown secrets that the city hides deep in its heart, which offer plenty of avenues for horror-themed adventures.

Spooksteeg or Ghost Alley

The Majority of people visiting Amsterdam end up hearing about Spooksteeg, which is situated in the city’s Red Light District. It is the oldest part of the city, and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Helena, a woman that used to live there with her father, and sister Dina, in 18th century.

Back then, a sailor was intimately in love with Dina. This outraged Helena and she killed her sister out of pure jealousy. Passing it off as an accident, she married the sailor, but later admitted to the murder on her deathbed. Ignoring her please for forgiveness, her angry husband cursed her spirit to roam restlessly for eternity. Even a hundred years after her death, people say they still hear Helena’s screams here.

Bloedstraat or Blood Street

Bloedstraat got its name from a tragic event where the blood of executed prisoners was drained into a canal from Nieuwmarkt. People here link the occasional ghost sightings to a Franciscan monastery, which in the 16th century hosted the infamous Blood Council while the Duke of Alba ruled. Many believe the spirits of the victims still roam the streets.At any rate, this sets plenty of horror-themed excitement in store for a traveler seeking something of that sort in Amsterdam.

Dam Square

The Dam Square is located at the center of Amsterdam. During the day, you would be able to see a lot of tourists taking pictures in this place. However, at night, this historic square has a different story to tell. Thousands of people accused for witchcraft were burned alive at this Dam during the Spanish Inquisition. Many believe that their tortured souls still haunt the vicinity.

The Ghost of Black Matthew

In the 13th Century, a notorious magician named Matthew lived in this city, successfully robbing people and gambling through the use of black magic. Matthew is said to have made a pact with the devil, and that supposedly caused his soul to start roaming the narrow streets the city in search of luck.