Incredible Campsites in Amsterdam

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The summer in Amsterdam is really good and hence, the tourists as well as the locals tend to indulge in many outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, water sports, etc. If you look forward to having an incredible camping experience on your summer holidays, explore any of the following Amsterdam sites and pitch your tents.


You may feel like in a totally different and incredible world as you step on to the spectacular campsite in Vliegenbos. Situated in a lush wood forest in the Amsterdam Noord neighborhood, Vliegenbos is one of the amazing campsites in Europe. Note that Vliegenbos is only at a 15-minute journey from the city center. Hence, you can enjoy some modern amenities, services, and shower facilities as well as the natural charisma of the woods and the surrounding area. Furthermore, Vliegenbos offer accommodation for every type of camper. If you are a nature lover, pitching the tent around the hangout area and outdoor kitchen will be a good option. All the social butterflies out there will surely love it here. If you are habituated to modern amenities and services, you may rent any of the furnished hiker’s cabins here.

Gaasper camping

Gaasper camping is located in a scenic spot that is surrounded by tranquil water bodies and spectacular meadows. Plus, you can reach the destination by just a 15-minute journey in metro from the center of the city. Hence, this will be a perfect option for all the campers who love to enjoy nature to the fullest without going too far away from the city. Furthermore, there are plenty of attractive and fun things to see and do in the Gaasper camping area such as mesmerizing gardens, playgrounds, water sports, windsurfing, etc. All the campers including kids and adults can partake in these activities. However, this campsite is recommended only for committed campers since you cannot expect cabins, huts, or hotels at this site. Rather, you will have to stay in tents or campervans. Anyhow, the campsite features free Wi-Fi, shower facilities, a restaurant, and a camp shop in its premises.

Camping Zeeburg

This is one of the most absorbing campsites in the Netherlands and is a great option for all the campers who crave to experience the island life. Note that the Zeeburg campsite is located on a small island called IJmeer. In fact, you can venture this place even if you are not a hardcore camper since Zeeburg is a community rather than just a campsite. There is a restaurant, open outdoor kitchen, a herb garden, supermarket, weekly live music and events, and a petting zoo for children at this wonderful island. When it comes to facilities, you can see many eco cabins, wagonette facilities apart from the huge campervan and tenting space. Additionally, there are shower and laundry facilities at the site.