Must See Attractions in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam City Tours

Amsterdam is a unique and interesting city. To experience the city, you just need to stroll along the different canal streets or sit in one of the many cafes in Amsterdam. However, there are some places in the city, which you must not miss in your tour to Amsterdam. The list of such must-watch places shared below will help you to know more.

Amsterdam Canal Ring

The old centre of the Amsterdam city is formed from canal rings, which will offer tourists the feeling of freedom, space, and peace. You can walk through the streets or take a trip in any of the tourist cruises to enjoy the attractions.

Another interesting way to explore Amsterdam is to take a bicycle ride. Whatever the way you decide to explore the city be, make sure that you enjoy the city to the fullest.

Amsterdam Brown Café

After exploring the city, you may enjoy a simple meal, a beer, or a coffee in any of the Amsterdam old cafés, which are locally known as Brown Café. You may feel that the cafes are too old and crowded, but later you will understand that the atmosphere that they offer is unique. Amsterdam locals are famously friendly and the prices are affordable.

Oude Kerk

This is a big protestant church with little houses to its sides. Oude Kerk can be considered a calm haven located at the centre of the Red Light District. Sailors used the buildings of the church as a navigational aid, especially because of the Gothic-renaissance styled octagonal bell tower. An evening walk to the areas around the church can be interesting for many of us.

Anne Frank House

This is located at the center of the city and is the hiding place from where Anne Frank scribbled her world-famous diary during the World War II. The empty rooms in the hidden annex to the building will make an everlasting impression when you understand that two families lived in this space for more than two years hiding from the Nazis. As part of the permanent exhibition of Ann Frank House, the original version of the diary is also displayed.

Magere Brug

Magere Brug is a double leaf Dutch drawbridge across the Amstel River. You can see the bridge opening to let boats through if you are ready to wait for twenty minutes, as the bridge master opens it every twenty minutes. The bridge was built in 1670 and has not been renovated much since.