Taking a Cheese Tour in Amsterdam

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The Netherlands have a culture that has cheese as a very important component of its diet. The Dutch love cheese and they are really passionate about it. If you visit Amsterdam, you should definitely get a taste of how cheese is preserved and cared for in the town. In addition, do not forget to taste some of the most delicious farm cheese here that you will find nowhere else in the whole world. Below are a few tips to help you fully immerse in a cheese experience in Amsterdam.

A Visit to Singel

Singel has a very long row filled with cheese vendors. There are famous cheese shops right next to Amsterdam’s famous floating flower market. When here, do not forget to stop at Old Amsterdam and Henri Willig to taste some of the delicious cheese in town. Enjoy their free samples that are served in large bowls.

Old Amsterdam has a good reputation in the northern regions of the city for serving some of the tangy Gouda with a crumbly texture. This cheese offers an ecstatic blend of flavors, so it must not be missed on your Amsterdam tours.

Exploring the Cheese Museum

There is a Cheese Museum in Amsterdam, situated beside the famous Anne Frank House towards the north of Prinsengracht. The staff members here are very friendly and they are well trained in the art of cheese making. Stick around and they will share many tips regarding cheese production and the techniques involved in this much-loved industry of the country.

Staff members here will be dressed in traditional Dutch attire and they will offer you some of the most special cheese you will ever come across. Moreover, there are other delights within the museum too, such as vintage Gouda that is matured for four years. You can easily visit this place after your Rijksmuseum tour.

The Cheese Shops

Further north of the flower market are the famous outlets De Kaaskamer and De Jordaan. These stores are filled with many varieties of cheese products. This includes both local as well as imported delicacies. You have a great opportunity to taste some of the unique cheese varieties here, such as the Belgian and the French flavors.

Apart from these two, Kaashuis Tromp is yet another interesting cheese store located on the premises. This shop has a team of dedicated cheese connoisseurs to assist customers in selecting their preferred variety of cheese.