The Best Picturesque Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tours

Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

The below tourist locations in Amsterdam city are sure to excite the photographer in you, and can earn plenty of likes from the followers you have on social media platforms. In fact, it is for this reason most tourists call these places in the capital city as Instagram-friendly. However, when you visit these places on Amsterdam tours, you will understand there is more to it than meets the eye.

Blauwbrug above River Amstel

The centermost portion of this bascule bridge sailing over the Amstel River lowers and raises using counterweight. It is one of the most photogenic spots in the Venice of the North, owing to its location above Amstel. In fact, if you can capture when the bascule starts to do its trick, then you can hone your photographing skills. Other than that, you can see the Hermitage Amsterdam museum, and a famous performing art venue in the background provided you stand right in the middle. In the distant background, you can also see the bridge known as Magere Brug.

Wall Gallery at De Pijp Neighborhood

This is not an art gallery as you may think, but a photogenic mural painted on the walls at Frans Halsstraat 64. It reads “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous,” written in white letters on pitch black portions. There is also a bench placed just in front of the wall mural, so there is no limit to how far you can go in terms of creative photography. After all, it is Amsterdam city, which gave birth to the famous street photographer Ed van der Elsken.

Rembrandtplein at Downtown Amsterdam

This public square is home to sculptures that pay tribute to Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch,” the world-famous painting featuring in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. The painting of the Dutch painter is reinterpreted with life-size, bronze statues lined up in the midst of the square. The Rembrandtplein is instantly recognizable owing to the bronze statues here; no matter what time of the day you travel to the square in the city center.

IJ-Hallen at NDSM Wharf

This former shipyard turn cultural hub is home to what is often billed as the largest flea market in Europe, which operates once or twice per month. The cultural spot with an industrial feel to it is a photographer’s delight. Its stalls that tout vintage bags and clothing for a few Euros are worth the buy if you bargain well. Its exterior has a street art, which is worth capturing in the camera.