The Most Incredible Soup Spots in Amsterdam

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During a cold and chilly day, there is nothing that goes down better than a bowl of hot soup. The best thing about a cup of soup is that it is both comforting and healthy. Below is a list of the best soup spots in Amsterdam.


Soups served at this restaurant are primarily handmade. The establishment is also used to changing their menu seasonally. This place provides a variety of tasty soups, two of the more popular ones being the roasted red pepper or root vegetables served along with hazelnut oil, and lentil served along with spicy salsa.

Fou Fow Ramen

The former location of Fou Fow Ramen was the upstairs of Toko Dun Young. Now, this awesome restaurant is located at the Elandsgracht. They provide options to enjoy tasty chewy noodles and rich ramen broth, which is sure to keep you warm when the weather is anything but.

Soup en Zo

Soup en Zo is an awesome place for lunch or dinner. Their main soup options include spicy corn soup, pumpkin with mint and basil, Italian minestrone, Indian dahl, and Portuguese bean soup with chorizo.

Warung Spang Makandra

Spang Makandra is famous for making the Soto Ayam soup. Soto Ayam is actually a traditional Indonesian soup which is made using vegetables, broth, and meat. If you want to experience the best version of this soup outside Indonesia, then you really should visit this awesome spot.

De Ysbreeker

This wonderful café is located near the banks of the river Amstel. They have a lot of tasty dishes on their menu. The pumpkin soup that they serve here is really delicious, as are the many varieties of seasonal soups made here. In addition, the mussel soup and the roasted pepper and tomato soup form popular options to try out at this cafe.

Hakata Senpachi

If you really like ramen, Hakata Senpachi is the best spot for you. At this Japanese restaurant, they serve bowls of steaming, tasty ramen. However, they serve this only during the weekends and on special occasions. This is something you have to try.

Scandinavian Embassy

Many people consider Scandinavian Embassy to be just a coffeehouse. While the place is in fact one of the best coffee places in the city, it also serves some incredible food items. You can find many delicious soups being served here, one among which is their famous root vegetable with mushroom soup.