Top 3 Artworks Housed in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam claims that it has the biggest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh. That is one of the reasons, why millions of people visit the museum in Amsterdam city each year, although it is also home to works of art from several other artists, some of who were the Dutch painter’s contemporaries.

Van Gogh Museum’s collections focus mainly on “Sunflowers” series of paintings. Yet again, several other works of art are housed in the museum’s permanent collection. Below are top 3 paintings in the museum, which you can catch when on a private Van Gogh Museum tour.

Wheatfield with Crows

This is one of Van Gogh’s last-known works, and has somber tones than rich brushstrokes. It features several crows filling the canvas, giving the impression that something bad will happen soon. It gives inklings to Van Gogh’s suicide in 1890. It is believed that crows gather around a dead crow. This kind of reflects on his work earlier in the same year. However, not all of the Dutch painter’s works are as somber as this particular painting.

The Potato Eaters

Although this painting has a dark tone, the emotions seen on the faces of the figures sitting around a table sharing potatoes are realistic and somewhat mixed. One of Van Gogh’s first-known works has intensity besides the fact that it depicts an oil lamp light up in rather bright colors. It is hard to feel upbeat observing the works of Christ of the Coal Mines, but what it does is that it makes an audience to take a closer look at its subjects.

The Bedroom

This 1888 Van Gogh painting depicts the “Yellow House”, which he rented as an atelier during his stay in Arles. The back wall of the rented studio seems somewhat slanted, which is the realism as Van Gogh portrayed on canvas but not a mistake on his part. On the contrary, the objects on some of Van Gogh paintings are flat and omit shadows, so that it resembles a Japanese print. In fact, this is one of the works of art that is chronicled in Van Gogh Museum’s ongoing exhibit titled “Van Gogh and Japan”, which will run until June 24, 2018. The exhibition of the Dutch museum also brings together several artworks that can uplift your spirits.