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Amsterdam is surely one of the liveliest cities in Europe that boasts of a number of historically important and modern establishments. However, there is another side to this city, which is not known to the ordinary traveler. These places will show you a more calm face of this beautiful city. Below are some of the unexplored locations that you can visit in the Dutch capital when you tour Amsterdam.

Amsterdamse Bos

This is a large area of forest cover situated away from the busy city. It is quite a beautiful habitat for flora and fauna, and also one of the largest city parks of Europe. It has a wide selection of landscapes like grasslands, reeds, wooded regions, wet and dry patches as well as open waters. You can find a host of activities to do here such as canoeing and exploring. You also have the option of camping overnight.


Droog is a great location for anyone who appreciates art. It is a flagship store of the Amsterdam-based design studio, and there are several sections within the store, that will astonish you with its bold, clean, and sleek designs. The sections include exhibitions of benches and stools, a tiny green courtyard with beautifully blended art installations, and a room service café. There is also a library and a spa corner that displays natural products. You can sit in the brightly colored café and enjoy a snack overlooking a canal once you are done exploring the place.

The Electric Ladyland

The Electric Ladyland is a fluorescent art museum located near the center of the city and the only one of its kind in the world. It is a space dedicated to compelling artworks made of fluorescent substances. Besides, there is a collection of fluorescent artworks from the 1950’s, fluorescent minerals on display, and other glowing artifacts. Another interesting feature is the “Fluorescent Environment”. You can also create a sculpture of your design using illuminated art here.

De Poezenboot

De Poezenboot is the only floating sanctuary dedicated to cats. They take care of stray cats of Amsterdam, and you can enjoy a ride on this boat along the canals of the city. Founded in 1986, the boat accommodates over 50 cats, in which, 14 are permanent residents. You can visit for adoption or if you love to spend time cuddling kitties. The boat is run solely on the charity left by its visitors and the authorities make an effort to help as many cats of Amsterdam as possible.

The Micropia Museum

The Micropia Museum in Amsterdam is devoted entirely to the display of a large collection of microbes. It is yet another of the places in Amsterdam that are the first of its kind in the world. The two-story building is filled with glass balls featuring the human genome. This refers to the entire selection of microbes found in the human body. The place allows you to see the invisible world by providing the necessary equipment.

The Ij Brewery

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This is a lesser-known brewery located beside the De Gooyer Windmill. It is an all-inclusive organic brewery, which offers tastings and tours. The brewery was established by the famous musician, Kaspar Peterson, in 1985. It brews a collection of standard beers, as well as offers seasonal and occasional beers. The best part is that all the beers are organic. You can join the guided tours as well as tasting campaigns and enjoy the beers from the large terrace. It also has a pub that opens from 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm every day.

Hotel Buiten

This is not a hotel, but a café with natural sand and a lake overlooking its premises. The gorgeous Sloterplas Lake spreads out in front of it, while you can relax and taste some homemade organic beer and cakes lying on a hammock. It is certainly a different experience from what you would see in the clichéd restaurants and cafes in Amsterdam.

The Beurspassage

This is a recent installation to the city’s long list of architectural jewels. It is an arched passageway connecting Damrak Avenue and Nieuwendijk Street. The most attractive part, however, is the array of art forms on display in this space. There are many pieces, which portray various styles of arts such as Eastern, Western, and Contemporary styles. All the art forms including the mosaic walls, chandeliers, and the story-telling granite walls are thematically connected, making the walk through this tunnel a memorable one.

The Little Woodcutter

When you visit the Leideseboje park, you can discover a hidden jewel among the trees- a small bronze statue of a woodcutter. The Little Woodcutter, as it is known, is a 50 centimeters high interesting feature in several treasure hunt games. The tiny sculpture was erected 28 years ago. Now, it has blended nicely with the growing tree, adding to the beauty of the figure.