Unknown Facts about Amsterdam City

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Amsterdam City Facts

Amsterdam is one of the places that pop into the mind of almost every person when they hear about natural landscapes and enchanting beauty. No wonder, Amsterdam is the dream destination for most travelers. Usually, people tend to choose an Amsterdam museum tour such as a private Van Gogh Museum tour and Anne Frank Museum tour. Else, a canal cruise or red light street tour will be there on their itinerary.

There will be some facts about the Dutch capital that you may know and these points play a major role in deciding a particular tour package. Some of the well known facts may include that the city host more bridges than Venice, locals love cycling, some residents in Amsterdam live on boats, it rains a lot here, the liberal rules of the city when it comes to and drugs, etc. However, there are many other facts about Amsterdam that most people may not know. Some of those enlightening facts are given below, so consider these facts as well while choosing your tour package.

Maximum Culture Per Capita in the World

Amsterdam city is considered to have culture per capita than any other place on the Earth; all thanks to the small size of the city and the countless museums here. The Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, etc., are known for the world-class works that are displayed here. On the other hand, Anne Frank Museum showcases an insight to the plight and hardships faced by the Jews during the Second World War. Apart from that, there are also many bizarre museums in Amsterdam such as the Torture Museum, Hemp Museum, Museum, Funeral Museum, etc.

Houses in Amsterdam are Narrow for a Reason

Amsterdam is known for their narrow houses and slender properties. In fact, there are many houses in the Dutch capital, which are competing to get the title of Amsterdam’s narrowest. Currently, it belongs to a property that is located at Singel 7; the frontage of the house is just 1 meter wide and it is only big enough to barely accommodate a door. There is a reason behind the construction of these narrow houses here. In the 17th Century, the authorities used to impose the tax on the locals based on the width and height of their property. Note that most of these properties will be slender at the front and wider at the rear. That is, it just gives an impression of a smaller house.

Everyone in Amsterdam Will Get a Proper Funeral

One of the interesting things about Amsterdam is that every single person in the city will get a proper funeral, no matter how lonely he/she was. All thanks to the funeral director, Ger Frits, and the honored Dutch poet, Frank Starik. It was their mission to give a proper send off to even the loneliest inhabitant in the city. All the funerals that they organize will be conducted in the same manner; that is, chapel, three pieces of music, flowers, and four pallbearers, followed by a poem.