What It Means to Explore the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse

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Exploring the Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands will be a memorable trip to the sightseers. It means “to tiptoe through the tulips” as some like to point out while they wax lyrical about the garden visit. A trip to the Keukenhof Gardens and its tulip fields is a privilege that can be accessed only during spring. The garden stays open from March the third week till May the second week this year, also as a customary norm.

Keukenhof has separate theme-based gardens, some of which touche upon a specific aspect of the Netherlands, such as the history of tulip cultivation over the years, and Dutch windmills, among other things. Accessing Keukenhof from Schiphol Airport in Holland is just a short trip. Even international tourists hopping to other countries and waiting at the airport take the trip to the gardens, not to mention those on the countryside as well.

Keukenhof is widely regarded as one of the best gardens in Europe, with eight hundred varieties of tulips, and more than seven million flower bulbs that bloom during springtime. Note that the flowers displayed at Keukenhof include daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, and that they rotate during the two month time span the garden stays open for the public.

There is an entrance fee to access the Keukenhof Gardens, which tends to vary as per the age group of the visitors. The acres of tulip fields which one gets to see at the Keukenhof, represent a theme and are tended primarily for selling the tulips. If you are touring the garden anytime soon, it is worth renting a bicycle and exploring the tulip fields and other flower bulb fields around the respective gardens spanning acres.

Another must-visit tourist attraction inside the garden premises is the Keukenhof Castle, a country house that traces back to the Dutch Golden Age or the 17th period in the Netherlands. The Keukenhof Castle still remains an attraction in and of itself, so make sure you visit it while touring the namesake garden anytime soon. Make it a part of an Amsterdam city sightseeing tour itinerary, including the Vondelpark and Van Gogh Museum. This year marks sixty nine since the opening of Keukenhof, and the garden authorities’ plan to commemorate it with ‘Romance in Flowers’ as an overall theme.