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Amsterdam is always considered as one of the most admired cities in the world because of its utmost natural beauty as well as the architectural aesthetics. Even though the city is on the bucket list of almost every traveler for a long time, it will be something special if you tour Amsterdam in 2018.

The main thing that you cannot miss here is the new Eurostar service from London to the Dutch capital. Additionally, the brilliant performances in the Concertgebouw’s acoustic-haven, stylish restaurant makeovers, new cozy and innovative hotels, etc., also are some of the must-see things in Amsterdam this year. Below are some of the reasons to tour Amsterdam in 2018.

Restaurant Bougainville

Hotel Twenty Seven is a trendy new restaurant located near the Royal Palace at Bougainville. Unlike other hotels in Amsterdam, you can savor a wide range of traditional Haute cuisines and a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian flavors at this hotel. The incredible aroma and taste of the food that is served here are sure to pamper each and every taste buds of the consumer.

Along with the tasty food, you can also enjoy one of the best wine taste experiences in your life from hotel Twenty Seven. However, it is to be noted that this hotel opens only for dinner, and the pricing ranges from €65 for a four-course meal to €105 for an eight-course meal. In addition, you will have to pay €36 to €72 for wine accompaniment.

Eurostar Service

After a long wait, the Eurostar service is now directly available to Amsterdam from London. Availing this transport option, you can travel from London to Amsterdam within just 3 hours and 42 minutes. London to Amsterdam was one of the demanding and busiest air routes in Europe. However, this high-speed rail serviced changed the whole scenario now.

You can enjoy all the amenities like free Wi-Fi, plug sockets, fresh e320 carriages, and many more in the train. So, you can now include London as well in your Amsterdam tour itinerary to make your holidays even better.

En Route to the North

The northern neighborhood of Amsterdam across the waters of IJ was often ignored, mainly because of poor transportation facilities. However, one of the most awaited metro lines in the Dutch capital, the North-South line, started functioning this year.

Now, the northern neighborhood of IJ has become modish with trendy quarters, cozy bars, high-end boutiques, EYE film museum, and many more. There are also many art exhibitions, tempting concerts, and other performances going on at the former NDSM shipyard here as well.