Why Visit the Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam City

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The Albert Cuyp Markt stays open 6 days per week and comprises of around three hundred stalls. It is part of De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam and offers an alternative shopping destination to some of the shopping malls in the city. Albert Cuypstraat is home to one of the Dutch Capital’s largest street markets, which is named after the painter.

The Albert Cuyp Markt became official in early 1900’s; before that, this used to be a place where street sellers strolled with handcarts to hawk wares to the natives and tourists. Nowadays, the permanent stalls of merchants here offer a plethora of products, including everything from affordable clothing to trinkets, vintage goods, and other household items. Mixed in with these merchant stalls are street vendors selling fresh produce, fish, and cheese to the passer-by who walks into a store here.

It is also home to street sellers who tout snacks and drinks like herring, stroopwafel, smoothies, and Dutch version of French Fries. So if you are on Amsterdam tours to places such as Sarphatipark with a picnic on the cards, this street market might have some products that can fulfill your appetite. It runs parallel to that urban park in Amsterdam’s De Pijp.

The quaint neighborhood is perhaps made famous by Sarphatipark, and the Heineken Experience brewery, which is famous for its craft beer and guided tours. If you are visiting any of the said landmarks in the Dutch neighborhood, make it a point to visit this street market as well when on a tour Amsterdam program.

The buildings tucked behind the stalls here house restaurants, cafes, bars, and an array of shops. When strolling through the Albert Cuypstraat, tourists may notice that some of the stalls in front of other shops are extensions on the sidewalk. Situated behind a market stall here is The Butcher, a burger joint selling what is arguably the best grilled burger in the Dutch capital.

If you plan to get into The Butcher on a weekend for flame-grilled burgers, be mindful of the fact that it tends to get crowded with tourists. Although, one must say that The 9 Streets situated along some of the scenic canals in the Venice of the North offer an equally worthwhile shopping destination to those on Amsterdam tours.