3 Events in Amsterdam to Welcome Autumn

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Amsterdam Autumn Events

Autumn is that time of the year when the city of Amsterdam blossoms after the hot summer time. Trees shed their leaves, canal views will be spectacular, and the streets and cafes of the city will be filled with natives and tourists. However, the city of Amsterdam will be hosting a number of events and other exhibitions to welcome the delightful autumn season.

So, if you are planning to go on Amsterdam tours with your family or friends and if you are in the city during the penultimate weekend before autumn arrives, you are in for an absolute treat. Below are some of the finest festivals and other events that you should not miss during these dates.

Amsterdam Fringe Festival

An abundant number of international and local theatre performers will be lined up at 40 different venues across the city during the festival. You can easily find live concerts, musicals, dances, and even comedy shows in the theaters. The Amsterdam Fringe Festival provides an opportunity for young artists to show their talents. So, try not to miss this unique festival before you leave the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Maker Festival

Even though virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and robotics are highly popular and always in headlines, we don’t usually get to mess around with cutting edge technologies like that. However, if you love to explore the most modern technological innovations and other products, then you must attend at the Amsterdam Maker Festival. There, you will be able to meet innovative developers and makers, as well as take part in tech workshops, gaming sessions, hackathons, and more.


If you are a person who loves to watch dance, music, and hip-hop performances, make sure to attend this event because it will be one of the major highlights of your Amsterdam tours. In addition to a strong lineup of DJs playing electro, dance, and house, you can also find circus and theater artists who will entertain you throughout the event. The musical lineup of 2017 features renowned DJs such as ROOG, Grant Nelson, and Sander Kleinenberg.

In addition to these three events, you must also try to attend the ROEF Festival and The Amsterdam Beerfestival if you still have time. Beer lovers who love to try different varieties of beer should definitely attend the latter one during their Amsterdam tours.