3 Most Adventurous Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Also known as the Venice of the North or simply the Dam, Amsterdam is the capital and the most populous municipality in the Netherlands. The Dam is also considered as the largest financial, cultural, and creative center of the country, and there are many fun and adventurous activities to do and see in Amsterdam including the Albert Cuyp Markt, Ice Bar, the Windmill Tours, etc. Some of the interesting things to do in Amsterdam are as follows.

Swing on Europe’s Highest Swing

This is highly recommended for adventurous and daring people to take their adventures to next level. The massive swing is 330 feet above the ground and is truly vertigo inducing. The hydraulically driven swing has four seats secured by seat belts and flies high in the sky.

Adrenaline junkies can swing across the edge of the A’DAM watchtower, the big tower behind Amsterdam’s central station. You can experience a 360° view of the city and can feel what it is like to have Amsterdam under your feet. However, you need to book a ticket beforehand to enjoy this ride, which costs around 12.50 Euros and a 5 Euros separate ticket to swing over the edge.

Escape World

Escape World offers an adventurous and unforgettable experience for you and your friends on Amsterdam tours. Here, you will be locked in an escape room for 60 minutes and you will have to encounter many puzzles and tough situations that you will have to solve to get out of the room. To make your experience more interesting and amazing, many sound and light effects are added to this.

Furthermore, there are double escape rooms where you can play against your friend or any other player. Some of the escape rooms include The Pirate Ship, The Serial Killer, Mission Matrix, Who Killed the Painter, The Hospital, Down the Rabbit Hole, etc. The escape room for one hour will cost 70 Euros for two persons.

Dining in the Dark

Dining in the dark is quite common and trendy nowadays and those of you who have not experienced it can enjoy it during your Amsterdam tours. Here, you can experience a unique journey of your senses. Besides, all the dishes are made with fresh and healthy ingredients that make the aroma and taste stand out.

There are mainly 4 meals to enjoy – a seasonal menu, a vegetarian menu, a meat and poultry menu, and a surprise menu where you will have to trust the chef completely. The price of a 3-course meal is around 40 Euros and the duration is 2 hours. Note that you can add a glass of wine with an extra payment of 14 Euros as well to complete the experience. It is always wise to book your table beforehand, as it will be crowded most of the time.