5 Beaches to Visit in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the place which is the dream destination of many people. It is a place where one can enjoy life to the fullest. There are many beaches in Amsterdam which attracts the visitors. The tourists have an “at home” feeling here and hence they do not like to leave the places once they visit them. A holiday spent in Amsterdam is incomplete without a visit to a beach there. Here are 7 main beaches you must visit if you are going on a trip to Amsterdam.

  • Zandvoort Aan Zee: This is one of the most important and best beaches in Amsterdam. A visit to this beach can be considered as the experience of a life time. People usually come here for basking in the sun and for having delicious food which is served in the many number of restaurants nearby. There are also the vendors who sell stationary foods on the beachside.
  • Bloemendaal Aan Zee: This one is a beach which is meant for party lovers. The whole beach and its surroundings have a party ambiance and are cheerful all the time. The beach bars and clubs offer variety of foods and drinks. The sunset view at the beach is also striking. Live bands perform on regular basis and also there are DJ parties which run through the night. Towards the northern side of the shore is the area for nude sunbathing. The wild dune landscape also attracts people.
  • Wijk Aan Zee: This is the widest city beach in the Netherlands. The beach looks empty and deserted. The beach is well known for kite flying and windsurfing because windy days are common here. This is the ideal spot to spend an idle and lazy day. Yoga sessions on Sundays, sand sculpture making contest for children and live music on Saturdays are also the attractions here.
  • Strandzuid: This is the beach in Netherlands which is known for group outings and parties. Drinks, weddings, meetings, family get together etc. happen here. The beach is at its best in the winter season. Sunbathing, dining and foosball are also attractions here.
  • Sloterplas: It is another most important beach in the Netherlands with cool refreshing water. The water is so clean and rejuvenates the senses. There is a sailing school and a water sports centre here. It is family friendly with conditions favoring easing out of all stress and being in a peaceful atmosphere.

The beaches in Amsterdam are known for its beauty and elation. They are ideal spots for anyone visiting Amsterdam.