5 Excellent Campfire Terraces to Enjoy in Amsterdam

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The Netherlands is not a country known for a tropical climate; in fact, temperatures here often dip to uncomfortable levels. Luckily, for tourists, it takes more than bad weather to keep the Dutch from doing something that comes as naturally to them as sleeping: socializing. If you visit Amsterdam for a spell anytime soon, you may want to stay at one of following terrace bars, which offer campfire facilities.


Located on a beach in Amsterdam North, this hipster hotspot has a post-industrial ambience. Your first instinct would be to come close to the flames, kick your shoes off, and snuggle with loved ones. On nights when it is too windy to have a campfire, you can make use of the indoor fire pit.


The name of this delightful NDSM café bar translates to “Northern Lights”. The place has a huge fire pit dug smack in the middle of a whacky garden terrace, all of which combine to produce the sort of atmosphere you would not soon forget. They serve good, creative food, a range of craft beers, and live music including mini-festivals.


Lit by the glow from numerous hanging lanterns, you get to huddle around the flames with friends at this urban campfire spot, which relatively few people know about. This place is hidden away behind the RAI Amsterdam convention center, with its location making it a widely preferred choice for corporate events, weddings, etc. The place also has a volleyball net, sandy beach, and a microbrewery.


Relatively new since its opening back in spring 2016, the MeneerNieges has already become a popular haunt among youngsters in the area. The waterside terrace is styled in the form of a country garden, complete with iron pergolas and associated furniture. After the sun sets, the place gets a spike in the cosines factor, which is augmented significantly by the highly photogenic fire pit, which is surrounded by conveniently placed benches.


Tucked away inside the western docklands of the city, this summertime beach shack is one of the popular spots hosting mini festivals and regular parties. The sandy beach terrace reminds you of Tom Hanks’ island in Castaway, except in your case, there is the option to feast on special prepared food. The menu here includes some of the finest Flammkuchen and tapas, as well as full-course dinners.