5 Independent Art Galleries to Visit in Amsterdam

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Independent Art Galleries

Being a lively cultural center in Europe, Amsterdam is home to numerous art galleries that showcase and promote art. There are several of them from big popular galleries to small lesser-known ones located in various parts of the city. Even though less popular than the major galleries, these smaller galleries do play a significant role in enriching the art and cultural scene prevailing in Amsterdam.

It is best to visit the smaller galleries for viewing some of the recent works in various fields of art such as new media, photography, and installations. These places have little crowds since most visitors that tour Amsterdam target the popular galleries, which offer a leisurely way to enjoy the artworks displayed there. Their collection of artworks is also diverse encompassing works from the Dutch masters to contemporary artists.

KochxBos Gallery

KochxBos is a splendid art gallery that displays the works of several budding artists from various locations such as Asia, Europe, and America. It is situated within walking distance from the Anne Frank House, a popular attraction in Amsterdam. The gallery has several exhibits displayed permanently and conducts about six art shows each year focusing on the works of different artists. Displayed here are the works of many modern artists such as Ray Caesar, Peter Pontiac, Sarah Maple, Nicoletta Ceccoli, etc.


Torch is yet another prominent modern art gallery located in Amsterdam. It exhibits a plethora or works based on photography and new media. Since its establishment in 1984, the gallery served as a platform for showcasing the works of many budding artists who were later recognized for their contributions to the field. There are several exhibits here such as the works of Leni Riefenstahl, Annie Sprinkle, and Anton Corbijn.

Braggiotti Gallery

Braggiotti Gallery is a prominent independent gallery that focuses on contemporary and Dutch glass art. Located in the Singel Canal, this gallery exhibits the works of artists from around the world. The gallery holds about 8 to 10 exhibitions each year based on the works of various artists and is a great place to view some of the best works of contemporary glass art.

Clement, Galerie, and Printshop

Clement, Galerie, and Printshop is a gallery that sells the artists prints. Located at the Prinsengracht near to the Rijksmuseum, this gallery and shop has a workshop at the back. A spacious gallery located above exhibits an excellent collection of paintings and graphics from several renowned artists such as Jan Cremer, Jeroen Henneman, and Harrie Gerritz.

Arti et Amicitiae

The Arti et Amicitiae is actually a society that comprises of different artists and art lovers. It is located in a house dating back to the 19th Century known for its neoclassical façade and staircase. The second floor of the gallery contains the gallery where the society conducts visual art exhibitions, conferences, and other events.