Affordable Dining Options in Amsterdam

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Dining Options In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most enchanting cities in the world that is mainly known for its picturesque canal belt and a dizzying number of majestic bridges. Some other images that may pop into your mind as you think about Amsterdam city will be the breathtaking architecture, natural landscapes, boutiques, coffee shops, Red Light District, etc. Furthermore, Amsterdammers also have a healthy food cuisine as they believe in a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of food, it is one of the main issues, which most first-time visitors face when in Amsterdam. Usually, the price of food dishes is higher here and you may have to spend a big share of your overall tour expenses on your food. Of course, this will be an issue if you are traveling on a strict budget. Thankfully, you can tackle this issue by opting to dine at a budget-friendly restaurant when on Amsterdam tours.

In fact, there are a number of affordable eateries in Amsterdam, where you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes at cheaper rates. So, it is recommended to do good research to find out the affordable dining options near your hotel. Some of the cost-effective restaurants that you can consider to enjoy some drool-worthy food when you tour Amsterdam are listed below.

Taqueria Tacobar

This is one of the most popular authentic taco bars in the Netherlands and it is unbelievable economical as well. This ultimate eatery will be a good call for all the tourists who crave for Mexican food as well as to indulge in a fun and social dining. This impressive restaurant is located at a 5-minute walk from the impressive Leidseplein square.

You can enjoy vegetarian, fish, chicken, pork, or beef tacos with a range of Mexican fillings for less than 10 Euros in Taqueria Tacobar. One of the impressive food combinations that you can try here includes honey-lime-tequila-chicken legs, avocado fries, along with your favorite beverage.

Thrill Grill

As the name indicates, it will be a thrilling experience to enjoy the grilled food dishes at the Thrill Grill dining spot. This is an ideal option for all the foodies who love to relish charcoal-grilled gourmet burger at a reasonable price in Amsterdam. You can buy most of the burgers in Thrill Grill for less than 10 Euros.

The ingredients used here including the Dutch beef, potatoes, Dutch cheese, etc., are all natural and locally sourced. In fact, even the burger buns used in this eatery are organic. Some tasty and affordable burger choices recommended by connoisseurs include the Salmon thriller, the Peruvian beef thriller, and the Skinny thriller.