All About Shopping In Amsterdam

Travelling To AmsterdamTravelling To Amsterdam
Travelling To Amsterdam

Travelling To Amsterdam

What will be your main agendas when you travel to a distant place? Enjoying the beautiful landscapes and monuments, experiencing different cultures, and making memories are usually what people want to do. And I bet shopping is one of them too!

When you travel to another country, you need to take back sovereigns for yourself, your friends and family. Besides, some things are found only locally. For example, the best place to buy chocolates is from Belgium. Similarly, the Swiss chocolates from Switzerland are exceptional and the quality is somewhat indigenous.  Coming back to the point, shopping is a must especially if you are travelling to Amsterdam. Let’s have a look at the best shopping destinations in Amsterdam.

The Nine Streets (Da NegenStraatjes)

The Nine Streets, also called Da NegenStraatjes, is located in the centre of the canals, intersecting it between Leidsestraat and the Jordaan district. These nine narrow streets are filled with wonderful cafes, restaurants, art galleries, jewelleries, boutiques, and antique stores. Being always updated with the latest trends and style at affordable costs make it a shopaholic’s dream destination.

Branded Street Shopping

Some of us get a kick out of owning a limited edition, branded item. It is for people like them that the Museum Street of Amsterdam has streets with brands from all around the world. P.C. Hooftstraat, also known as Amsterdam’s Fashion District, is entirely dedicated to brands like Boss, The Society Shop, Cartier, Chanel, Loius Vuitton, DKNY and other fashion icons. You will find many more of these in Van Baerlestraat.

Shopping Centers

De Bijenkorf is one of the most visited and preferred Department stores located just behind the Dam Square in a historic huge building. Magma plaza is a collection of small and large shops of brands located in the historic building behind the Royal Palace which was a post office before. This enormous shopping house now consists of more than 20 shops and an exhibition space.

The Kalverstraat And Leidsestraat

You will find everything you want in these streets from branded as well as unbranded. The sheer number of options will most probably leave you confused. H&M, Zara, Esprit, Urban Outfitters, etc are some of the shops you will see here.

The streets of Amsterdam have a lot more to offer to you. You will definitely come across at least one of these mesmerizing shopping centres during your tours in Amsterdam. Happy Shopping!