Amsterdam: Lesser Known Places That You Must See!

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The bustling city of Amsterdam is one that bellows with youth and lively music, that even the ones with greying strands will find themselves drawn back to the energetic days with the vibe the city radiates.

The younger travelers will find themselves frequenting the canal facing coffee shops while the older lot will cherish their bicycle rides and museum tours.

But, what comes as a surprise are the many hidden spots and locations scattered across the city that even seasoned travelers seem to miss. If you are someone who has gotten sick of the coffee and the bike tours that many Amsterdam tours take you through, then this is the perfect article for you. We will be taking a look into the lesser-known places that you must visit if you find yourself in Amsterdam.

Going The Off Beaten Track

  • The Tulip Museum

The story behind tulips in Netherlands is that in the early 17th century, tulips were bought in from the Ottoman Empire. The flowers became an instant classic amongst the lot in Netherlands and this sparked a sort of ‘tulip craze’. From that time onwards, tulips began to take a prominent place in the Dutch culture. One such museum that pays homage to the rich history of the flower in the Netherlands is the Tulips museum. It is a cozy little spot alongside the canal that you must check out.

Located at Prinsengracht 116,  the museum is open daily from 10 am-6 pm.

  • Foam (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam)

It is a notable photography museum that was open in the wee years of the 21st century (2001). If you are someone who has a penchant for looking behind lenses, then this is a must-visit place. There are exhibitions not from world-famous photographers but from contemporary locals from whom you can absorb a great deal of style-you will be surprised by the finesse of the work that is put up on display here.

Located at Keizersgracht 609, the museum is open daily from 10 am-6 pm (9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays).

  • Oost

This is a lovely park that is present on the eastern side of the city. The name if fitting as Oost translates to ‘east’. You will find plenty of eateries that serve Middle Eastern delicacies. You will also find your space to lazily walk here and the handful of tourists that you may chance upon, are probably those who would want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, like you.

These are some spots that even some of the Amsterdam private tours manage to miss out. So next time, be sure to include these in your bucket list when you are in Amsterdam.