An Animal Lover’s Guide to Exploring Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tours

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Amsterdam is one of the few options that might pop into your mind when it comes to holiday destinations. Every location and angle in the Dutch capital is otherworldly and picture-perfect. In fact, the number of tourists flocking to this wonderland is skyrocketing with every passing year. While most travelers love to indulge in activities that focus on the beauty of the city, its liberal lifestyle, history, and art, some visitors tend to indulge in animal-friendly attractions. Some of those awesome absolute choices for all the animal lovers out there may consider on your Amsterdam tours are listed below.

Artis zoo

The Artis zoo in Amsterdam is one of the oldest of its kind boasting a history of over a hundred years. You can find an overwhelming range of exotic, rare, and endangered species at this zoo. Some of the rare and not-so-rare animal species that can be in Artis zoo include gorillas, different varieties of reptiles, two-toed sloths, elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. Aside from these animal species, the zoo tends to care for a large number of microscopic species as well in their microscopic zoo. This wing also acts as a significant center for microbiological research.

Borderij Westerpark

There is a rustic petting zoo in Westerpark that is a major attraction for kids. It is not usual to see adults caring for the pets as well inside this petting zoo. Some of the common inhabitants in the zoo that you are allowed to pet include different varieties of sheep, goats, pigs, cows, etc. Furthermore, the zoo tends to look after adorable calves and lambs during springtime. No wonder, the zoo will be crowded relatively more during this time.

De Poezenboot

Most people will be familiar with De Poezenboot, which is a unique floating shelter that is exclusively dedicated to cats. The shelter has been caring for several stray kittens for over 40 years and also allows people to explore the housing for free of cost. However, the feline shelter always appreciates donations. The main attraction is that De Poezenboot is that it is housed within an altered houseboat that is tied to the picturesque Singel Canal in the heart of the city.


GeitenboerderijRidammerhoeve is an organic goat farm located in the central region of Amsterdamse Bose. This is an all-year-round attraction and a number of visitors tend to visit the farm and pet the goats. However, this is a working farm, and hence only a handful of sections will be open to the public. One of the popular attractions here is the stables that house flocks of milky-white baby goats. Since these baby goats tend to be unusually affectionate, people just love to pet and feed them.