Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Amsterdam

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Art Galleries In Amsterdam

Amsterdam with its crisscrossing canals and distinctively built cities has continued to attract visitors from all parts of the world. The unique free culture that exists in Amsterdam has made it the preferred destination for holidaying among many. Besides its unparalleled beauty, Amsterdam is renowned for its collection of some of the best modern art galleries in the world.

Apart from the major ones, which are usually covered in all Amsterdam tours, the city hosts numerous independent galleries that focus on modern art. They are well known among the visitors and are also included in the itinerary of many Amsterdam tours. Below are some of the best contemporary art galleries in Amsterdam. These museums serve as the key institutions that preserve and propagate art and history among the regions.


Mediamatic is a contemporary art gallery situated on the east docklands in Amsterdam. This cultural institution conducts numerous events such as workshops, performances, lectures, exhibitions, etc., across the year. New media is the focus of the Medimatic art gallery and it contains many artworks that detail the impact of technology and today’s media.

The large open exhibition space of this gallery provides a very immersive experience to the viewers. The Medimatic gallery has displayed the works of many of the well-known artists such as Marina Abramovic, Maiko Takeda, and Ana Rajcevic. Moreover, the gallery also hosts an aqua-phonics farm and a mycology lab that is a delight for the art lovers.

Grimm Gallery

Grimm Gallery is another major contemporary art space located in Amsterdam. Since its opening in 2005, this gallery is known for featuring the works of various national and international artists through various exhibitions. The lavishly laid out exhibition space offers the visitors a chance to enjoy the works of prominent contemporary artists. Grimm Gallery has done many contributions to the preservation and propagation of art by supporting struggling independent artists, while also providing a platform for displaying various mediums such as mixed media sculpture and video installations.


The Reflex Gallery is renowned mostly for its quality exhibitions that feature some of the best works of both national and international artists. It is located opposite to Rijksmuseum, which is another famous center for art in Amsterdam. The Reflex Gallery has a far wider range of collaboration with curators from museum across the world. Moreover, they also have extended their collaboration with some of the renowned artists and designers amongst the limited edition works sold in the gallery.