Best Restaurants That Serve Pizza in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is rich with varieties of tastes from different countries, It will never disappoint people from anywhere in the world as it offers anything and everything they need. This place is a heaven for pizza lovers as it has some fantastic restaurants that serve best pizzas. Following are some great destinations in Amsterdam where you can taste delicious pizzas. Pizza lovers should definiely include this destinations in their Amsterdam tours.

De Pizzabakers

This is a famous chain of restaurants in Amsterdam that serves mouth-watering pizzas. There are several outlets for this restaurant that are distributed throughout Amsterdam. The main locations are de Pijp, Plantage and Haarlemmerdijk. The specialty of this restaurant,like many other pizza restaurants, is that it uses wooden ovens to make fresh pizzas that feature authentic Italian flavors. You will also get different varieties of preseccococktails from here.

De Pizzakamer

This is a cozy restaurant that is situated at the corner ofSarphatipark in de Pijp. You can get any type of pizzas here. This restaurant also cooks pizza in a wooden oven. You can also taste some special Italian dishes in this wonderful restaurant. It includes antipasti and pasta varieties.

Le Perla Pizzeria

The pizzas are cooked inside authentic wood ovens that are placed at the center of the restaurant. The main specialty of this restaurant is that it uses fresh ingredients to cook pizzas. This is the secret behind the wonderful taste of pizzas available here. It imports different ingredients directly from Italy including fresh buffalo mozzarella. This restaurant is known as “Little Italy” for its authentic Italic tastes. The toppings used here are fresh and high quality. They serve utterly delicious pizzas.

De Italian

As the name indicates, this restaurant is entirely dedicated to Italian foods. The meals provided here are inspired by the authentic Italian tastes. The menu includes freshly baked pizzas, pasta dishes, antipasto, tiramisu etc. This restaurant features a main dining room that consists of two levels. There is also terrace seating for those who want to enjoy some tasty dishes while enjoying the cool sky view of Amsterdam.

La LottaPizzabar

This restaurant serves healthy versions of pizzas. Instead of high carb pizzas, they provide organic yet tasty ones. The pizza bases are made inside the restaurant from nutrient-rich natural flour. It is then topped with tasty mozzarella, salami and tomato sauce to make the pizzas even more delicious.

Fuoco Vivo

The pizzas made in this restaurant uses sourdough bases which adds to the taste of the dish. They are then topped with authentic and fresh Italian ingredients. Besides pizza, you can also get many other items such as gamabs, pannacottas, olives etc.

nNea Pizza

This restaurant makes own dough that is very smooth and light. You might feel like it is going to float in the air from the table at any moment. Their toppings are to die for as they are unique, original and really tasty. The service is also good at this place and the ambiance is fantastic.


This is a take-out restaurant that serves some incredible pizzas. It is best for those who don’t have time to sit down and eat. They can grab a slice while they are hurrying to their workplace or simply exploring the city. The pizzas here have high quality and standard. The fresh ingredients and super crispy pizza base make these pizzas the most desirable among the people of Amsterdam.

Mangia Pizza

This restaurant that opened in 2015 aims to serve the best pizzas and pastas in the most authentic way. They have achieved this goal from day one and still continue to accomplish the dream with a hundred percent dedication. This restaurant also has a wonderful interior that will provide you a delightful dining experience.

Sotto Pizza

The main attraction of this pizza spot is the classic Neapolitan style pizzas. The interior of this restaurant is very simple with a stripped design. The smell of burning woods will enter your nostrils when you step foot into the restaurant. You can see the wonderful sight of pizzas being cooked that will add more to your dining experience.

Renato’s Pizzeria

This is one of the most popular restaurants among the locals. It is located in the De Pijp district and serves some authentic Italian pizzas. Like some other restaurants that serve high-quality pizzas, this restaurant also imports ingredients from Italy. They serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The toppings include salami, grilled bell peppers, pancetta, chilly, parmesan cheese, grilled vegetables etc. It also serves a wide selection of wines to go with pizzas.

Toni Loco

This is a unique restaurant that combines American and Italian flavors to create delicious pizzas. It makes a perfect destination for a quick lunch and dinner after your Amsterdam exploration. They have included six pizza varieties on their menu. In addition to this, you can make your own pizza flavors by combining your favorite toppings.