Best Ways to Enjoy Amsterdam Light Festival

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Amsterdam turns into a glitterati event come December-January year on year. That is the time when over twenty illuminated artworks from artists all around the world take off aiming for the skies. The event takes place on a detour connecting the surrounding areas of the Canal Ring and the River Amstel. Below are some of the main highlights of the event for art lovers who make it to Amsterdam on time.

Water Colors on Cruise Mode

Onboard into one of the boats alongside the tour Amsterdam crew to explore the scenic beauty of the light works. With somebody giving an overview of everything, you would not miss out an action. Each heady trip lasts up to 1.15 hours, and starts from 5 in the evening and winds up at 09.30 pm. The Water Colors Cruise sets off from the Gray Line Dock, situated across the Amsterdam Central Station.

Cruise with Boat Captain

You would have to reserve in advance to get access to the open-top yacht that features an experienced captain. The cruise with captain elevates you atop an open boat where lights dance up in the air sheer delight. The boat captain will not only guide the yacht but also recite stories regarding what made the Amsterdam tours so much fun for all.

Fast Track to the Festival of Light

These are all more or less the same journey with different reservation schemes. With the Fast Track option, you could make the boat quicker and the tour Amsterdam crew. The privacy is more when you explore light work in this scheme, as complimentary books give everything away via simple trivia guides.

Water Colors for the Onlookers

What does it mean to watch exploding silhouettes of light work, from 100 meters above the water level? Head to the Adam Lookout and you could do exactly that before the yacht comes back to collect you to the cruise show. There is something in the waters, which the onlookers could never figure out, and that is what you call great artistry. Have you seen, one?

All said and done, Amsterdam tours are borderline boring in case if you do not spend an evening out in this fun-filled city. Having watched all the lights and the glitterati dressed up in weird looking clothes, you can head to a classy restaurant and enjoy the food.