Best Ways to Enjoy Amsterdam Trip on a Budget

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The most important obstacle, which can take away your peace of mind, during your tours, is the inability to maintain the finances properly. You need to know the proper ways to handle the money or else your wallet will be empty once you are done with your tours. Here are some ways in which, you can enjoy your time in Amsterdam, by conserving much of you money.

Walking Tours For Free

The best way to enjoy your time in Amsterdam city is by going on free walking tours through the city. You can choose the walking tour according to your wish and this will be a good attempt to save some of your money in your tours in Amsterdam.

Visit The Art Deco Theatre

In the personal booths of the EYE Film Institute, there are so many international and Dutch movies screened for free. However, if you are a history enthusiast, go to the Pathé Tuschinski Cinema. This is the place where Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich have performed live. The theatre presently has a very lavish attire with the Moroccan carpets, bronze detailing and art deco ceilings.

Picnic In The Park           

There are many green parks in the city. Vondelpark is the largest among all the gardens and a visit here will be worth it. But the flowerbeds of the gardens of Rijksmuseum are very captivating and it is an ideal place to spend your time. You can also have the view of the Dutch architecture and sculptures in this garden.

Free Live Music

In the Dutch National Opera and Ballet, you can enjoy the free classical music on every Tuesday, along with the lunch concert. In the night, you can have the rhythm and blues at Bourbon Street. In Jazz Café Alto, you can enjoy the music of different genres all through the night. Well-priced drinks and people of both old and new generation are the main attractions of the café.

Explore The Mini-Museums

It will be a remarkable experience for you to explore the museums in the city. Electric Lady Land, Houseboat Museum and many others offer you splendid views, which can be memorable always. Make sure that you visit NEMO Schipol, which is a science exhibition centre in the airport. The visit is completely free of cost and can be done on your way in or out of the city.

It is very important to save money on your trip to Amsterdam. There are plenty of ways to explore the city even without spending much of your money. Know these and many more tips to enjoy your trip and make your best out of your next tour to Amsterdam.