Celebrating Easter the Traditional Way in Amsterdam

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The arrival of festive seasons marks the beginning of some vital transformations in Amsterdam. Easter is one occasion where Amsterdam wakes up to a new phase with blooming flowers and a celebratory mood that hangs in its city streets. The time of Easter has thus become the best time to tour Amsterdam for experiencing the place to its fullest. The spring season combined with the spirit of Easter is the time when both the natives and tourists flock around the places preparing for the festivities.

Besides, Amsterdam holds many events during Easter enriched in tradition, which are definitely a feast for the senses. The onset of spring in April causes the city to wake up to a vibrant and jolly atmosphere that continues throughout the year. The entire weekend of Easter is probably the busiest times in Amsterdam with crowds at virtually all of its major attractions. The Easter festivities at Amsterdam are splendid and here are few ways to celebrate this occasion to its fullest.

Have a Bite of Easter Brunch

The beginning of the Easter weekend is the busiest times for the cafes and restaurants of Amsterdam. They prepare some lip-smacking foodstuffs to celebrate Easter and its tradition. The Easter brunches offered at the eateries of Amsterdam are renowned all over and are a chance to savor some special traditional dishes and Easter puddings. Breakfasts, brunches, and dinners all have traditional attire and indulging in this culinary delights gives a chance to celebrate Easter in a special way.

Picnic on the Public Parks and Go Egg Hunting

The Easter weekend is the best time to get out from the conventional routine and spread mats for picnicking in various parks surrounded by the bloom. Having a brunch while comfortably sitting under a shade in the parks gives a great chance to connect with the festive feeling surrounding the place and spend some quality time. Besides, one can go egg hunting too especially with their kids as the city host several such Easter activities. For instance, the Artis Zoo and the Keukenhof organize special activities for children to celebrate the spirit of the Easter festivities.

Attend the Amsterdam Tulip Festival

The springtime beginning with April is the time when the city is bloomed with flowers giving it a spectacular vibrancy. The gardens and public places are full of such blooming flowers. Going to the Keukenhof is one way to experience this bloom and the other is by attending the Amsterdam Tulip Festival. A walk amidst the array of blooming tulips is an experience unto itself.