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Amsterdam is deemed as the one of the perfect tourist destinations, mainly for its rich culture and museums. However, that is not all that Amsterdam tours have to offer tourists. Amsterdam city is also renowned for the neat sandwiches and remarkable Gouda cheese you can get here. Even when it comes to food in general, the city actually has a lot of surprises in store for its visitors. Below is the list of some awesome eateries in the city.

The Seafood Bar

This is an elegant bar which serves some of the best food items you will find abroad. To boot, they take time to beautifully decorate each dish before serving it to you. There are a variety of dishes served in this place such as fish, different types of chips, as well as something for all sushi lovers, and many types of sea creatures that are served either raw or grilled, along with fried sides and vegetables. This place also offer delicious desserts along with these tasty seafood items.

Pancakes! Amsterdam

You could enjoy appetizing traditional Dutch pancakes in this place. They always have something unique to offer you like delightful desserts, savories, and cheesy surprises. All these delicacies are can add up to an undeniably enjoyable meal. You are likely to find long lines, but the mouthwatering surprises are pretty much worth it. One of the best highlights of this place is the pancakes. They serve plate-sized Dutch pancakes which are layered with exquisite toppings, plus gracious optional ingredients such as spinach, leeks, and goat cheese.

Winkel 43

This establishment serves some of the tastiest apple pies ever. This marvelous eatery is located at Noordermarkt in the Jordaan area, and acts both as a café and a pub. You get to enjoy your tasty dishes seated outside, facing the beautiful canals. Apple pie is a must-eat while you visit the place, and they also serve delicious desserts with a blend of crumbly, gooey, and crunchy, forms and additions, whose superb tastes are magnified with a good amount of chilled, homemade whipped cream.

Conservatorium Brasserie

After a serious trip to one of the museums in Amsterdam, you are unlikely to find any lunch or dinner option better than a tasty meal at Conservatorium Brasserie. The place is just a short distance away from the city’s Museum Quarter, and here, they not only prepare delicious food, but also present the dishes to you in beautiful ways. The hotel also provides decent and high-class accommodation. The food and all services provided at this place are impeccable.