En Route to the Amsterdam Arena

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The Amsterdam Arena is center stage to two prominent football teams. One, Ajax FC is one of the prodigal football clubs in Europe. The other, better known as the “Flying Dutchmen” make the 50,000 capacity stadium fill itself on an autopilot. Here is how neutral fans could make it to the Arena faster before the games begin.

Reaching from the Central Station

When you reach the central station, you could see the GPS tracker highlighting the Amsterdam Arena 8 kilometers to the South. The tour Amsterdam crew might be having a tour guide to help you locate the spot. If not, you can simply take a mild walk to the Bijlmer ArenA metro station. It would take approximately 30 minutes for you to reach, depending on the traffic.

Have Bought the Tickets or what?

The thing about famous stadiums is that you invariably get to see touts flogging tickets somewhere near the entrance during box office events. Affiliate with some local Dutch people and try your bit in Dutch too if only you want extra tickets. For the more conventional route, to gain entry, there is a counter near the Arena façade where tickets are being sold. Be careful with the cops though for you do not want get caught red-handed and cut short your dream tour of Amsterdam.

So the Arena is all Football

Not necessarily. Memory goes back to June 2008 for me, when Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi hold a live concert alongside the Dutch Violinist Andre Rieu. Plenty of people were gathered on the spot, some being locals and majority consisting of Europeans. The spirit could uplift all types of people, even anonymous fans, next time around in the future.

Capturing the Live Game

If you live near to the Red Light District area, you can simply take a train from the Nieuwmarkt subway. Just walk out one by one alongside the tour Amsterdam crew, and you could possibly see a crowd of people wearing the Dutch T-shirt. They all go one way which is the Amsterdam Arena hosting the national event. In the land of people like Johan Scruff (Former Ajax, Late French Football Star) such things are a common sight.