Exploring Amsterdam by Foot in One Day

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A fact that most of the people who visit Amsterdam don’t realize is how compact and flat the city is. The city is so small that you can explore it in just a day’s time by foot. This is the best way to find out the secrets of this city and travel like a local. Amsterdam is a pedestrian friendly city and offers great safety for the pedestrians. When you take Amsterdam tours, try to explore the city on your foot to make your visit complete.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Amsterdam, like the glorious churches, tiny alleys, quiet canals and marvelous city towers that you might miss if you travel in a car or a motorcycle. You can find a large number of wonderful small cafes and shops in Amsterdam streets that will go unnoticed if you travel on a vehicle. Walking is the best way to explore the minute details of this city.

But there are some facts that you should know before going on a walking tour in Amsterdam. The city has sidewalks for pedestrians even though at some points they are a little narrow. These paths are often blend in to the bike lanes or roads without a curb to differentiate them.

There might be a color difference between the bike lane, road and sidewalks, but if you are not familiar with this system, it is easy for you to stray in to the path of a car or bike without even realizing it. Therefore, be cautious to check for the color differences in the path and watch out for any signs or symbols which notify about division between a road, sidewalk and bike lane. Tourists those who come from countries where there is always a curb to differentiate sidewalks from roads should take extra care, as there won’t be such divisions here.

Another thing you have to notice is to avoid spike heels. There are brick and stone streets which might be a little risky to walk on a heel, as there is high chance for you to trip. Put on something more comfortable, like a comfy sneakers, to make your journey more easy, effortless and safe.

There is no better way to explore a new place than on foots. You can explore every nook and corner of that place. Also walking is fun, eco-friendly and a free way to travel around the city. If you are taking Amsterdam tours, walk around and explore the city with all its details.