Five Notable Things to do While Visiting Amsterdam

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Outbound journeys that are intended at seeking out liberal cities, open culture, and a thriving nightlife often ends up in a destination like Amsterdam. With its rich culture and life, Amsterdam remains one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In fact, the unique thriving culture has made Amsterdam an incredible destination in Europe. The crisscrossed canals are its other notable trademark and the city is efficiently planned based on the network of canals.

Besides, Amsterdam contains an array of impressive attractions that ranges from art museums to busy streets. These are spread across the city, some in close proximity while others are situated far apart. These attractions, combined with the vibrant and open culture of Amsterdam has managed to attract many visitors from around the world. Other than these attractions, there is a whole lot to do and experience in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Visitors indulge in many activities during their Amsterdam tours, along with their sightseeing programs. These activities offer a true glimpse into the life and culture in Amsterdam. Besides, these will also add up to the experience of the Amsterdam tours. Below is a list of notable things to do while visiting Amsterdam.

Hire a Bicycle and Ride through the City

As the bicycle capital of the world, hiring a bicycle is a great way to enjoy the Amsterdam city. In fact, the city boasts of an impressive cycling culture and most visitors will find cycling convenient rather than relying on public transport. The network of roads crisscrossing the city and running parallel to the canals offers a worthwhile cycling experience.

Moreover, it is quite easy to hire a bicycle in Amsterdam because of the many rental shops in and around the city. The bicycle traffic is also so high that visitors on their Amsterdam tours will find it quite a delightful experience to ride alongside the natives of the city. In addition, Amsterdam has the only museum in the world that allows people to cycle through, which is the Rijksmuseum.

Enjoy Beer and Engage in People Watching

Amsterdam is famous for its world-class beers and is house to some of the prominent brands such as Heineken. It is due to this excellent tradition of brewing that many visitors from around the world favor Amsterdam. Most of the cafes spread across the city offer beers of different varieties. Enjoying these beer varieties is one way to experience the brewing tradition of Amsterdam.

Another way to engage is to watch people. The city streets of Amsterdam are filled with people from all walks of life. The open cafés with outdoor seating offer options to engage in people watching.

Visit the Museum District

Amsterdam has a good collection of museums focused on different kinds of art. Visitors having an affinity towards art and culture will find this collection of museums in and around the city totally rewarding. Most of these notable museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk and the Van Gogh Museum, are spread across the Museum Quarter of the city. These museums hold a wealth of artworks sourced from around the world that will give an insight into the life and works of many prominent artists of the time.

It will be easy for tourists to visit these museums as they are covered in a most of the Amsterdam tours. Besides, near to these museums are located the major shopping areas of that city that offer an exclusive shopping experience to tourists.

Delight Oneself with Waffles

Apart from enjoying the sights and activities of Amsterdam, a notable thing to do is to savor waffles. They are highly popular dishes in Amsterdam and available in different varieties. While visiting the streets and popular places during Amsterdam tours, the visitors can savor waffles to get a true taste of the cuisine of the city. There are different varieties of waffles available in Amsterdam and are based on the stroopwafel, made of two thin layers of grilled waffles with caramel or syrup in between.

Explore the Dam Square

Known as the historical center of Amsterdam, Dam Square is where some of the major attractions and activities are centered. While at Dam Square, tourists can do many things like visiting the Royal Palace, the National Monument, and the Nieuwe Kerk. The Dam Square is where most of the tourists and the locals are concentrated, so the place offers an excellent opportunity for people watching. Besides, there are several shops and restaurants nearby, which visitors will find interesting.