Fun Things to Do In Amsterdam in Winter

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Private Van Gogh Museum Tour

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Winter is one of the terrific seasons to visit Amsterdam. While the days are usually dark and cold at this time, the weather might be rainy and windy as well. Furthermore, this is off-season here and hence you can expect great deals on your flights and hotel bookings. Anyhow, some of the best things that you can see and do when in Amsterdam in winter, especially in the months of December, January, and February are given below.

The holiday lights

You can never wrap up your Amsterdam winter tours without checking out the spectacular holiday lights here. The entire city will be decorated with fairy lights, lantern, and other Christmas decorations even from early November. Needless to mention, getting around the city on foot or cycle as locals do after dusk will surely delight you. Furthermore, make sure to explore the Negen Straatjes neighborhood to get some great deals on shopping as well as to explore some Christmas markets where you can purchase stuff at much lower rates.

Go on a canal boat ride

Amsterdam is known for the tranquil and picturesque canal belt and bridges here. Hence, no Amsterdam tours will be complete without going on a canal boat ride or cruise irrespective of the season. This will give you a different perspective of the city, especially during the night. Needless to mention, things will be even more interesting and captivating during the winter months.

You can see the Amsterdam light festival in the best way possible while floating around the city. The reflection of the lights on the water and magnificently decorated bridges will surely add to your overall experience. In other words, you can see the fairytale location that you have only seen in movies or dreams for real while floating around the city during the winter months.

Ice skating

Another exciting activity that you can enjoy when in the Dutch capital during the winter months will be ice skating. If you are an expert, you can skate on any of the frozen parts of the canal belt. Otherwise, you may consider the ice rinks at Museumplein and Leidseplein areas that are incredibly huge and are surrounded by Christmas decorations. Without any doubts, spinning on the ice holding the hands of your loved one will be one of the best and romantic things that you can do on your Amsterdam winter tours. Note that you can rent skating boards, shoes, and other gears at the nearby stores.

Enjoy your brunch

Amsterdam is popular for brunches. In fact, weekend brunches are one of the major traditions here. So, it is recommended to enjoy a long boozy weekend brunch accompanied with mimosas and Bloody Mary at Amsterdam. This will not only let to blend with the locals here but also is a perfect option to tackle the cold weather.