Hidden Bookstores You Can Explore In Amsterdam

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Exploring English-language bookshops is one among the many delights of visiting Amsterdam. Hidden along the city’s channels and cavern-like treasures are troves of used books, upper rooms pressed with literary classics treats and subtle markets selling classical rarities. These are a joy to find and simply ensure you bring an unfilled bag. Make sure you stop at the following places if you are looking for the best bookshops in Amsterdam after your Private Van Gogh museum tour.


Evenaar sits on the edge of the Singel and Oude Spiegelstraat. It stocks more travel books than one would have imagined fitting under one rooftop. The genuine intrigue, however, is shown at the shop’s back, where extremely well-protected newspapers archiving significant world occasions can be found. This covers major events like the episode of World War Two and the death of JFK. Pay special attention to jewels in the bargain-basement bucket too.

Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui

Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui is situated at the core of Amsterdam’s artistic quarter, opposite the American Book Center. This current market’s inside-confronting shops are covered by their canvas outlines and a beautiful column of trees. Second-hand classics are the major attractions of the stall. Note that the place opens only on Friday. Venders coming from urban communities as far away as Groningen sell their literary products here.

The Book Exchange

In case you are searching for a first edition or an uncommon collectible, you will likely discover it at The Book Exchange. It is a shop whose bookshelves tower right to the roof and whose rooms appear to go on until the end of time. It is a design that gives a false representation of its unassuming Kloveniersburgwal shop front, which has stood overseeing the channel since 1978. It would feel like time has paused if you spend a whole evening in the fiction segment at the back of the shop.

Top Floor at Scheltema

In 2015, this store shifted from the edge of Koningsplein and the Herengracht to Rokin which happens to be one of best-known lanes of the city. While Scheltema is not concealed, its top-level fifth floor which is situated over 2 km of racks and more than 100,000 titles might be difficult to spot. This is the place where the accumulation of second-hand English books is kept. In light of the fact that they have all been handpicked, there is normally a find or two to be obtained.

Consider visiting the above stalls if you are looking to find some of the classic English books in Amsterdam.