How to Plan a Perfect 2-Day Trip in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is a city that is impossible to explore completely even after multiple visits. If you’ve just a couple of days there, it means you must plan your trip wisely.

Shortlist some of the must-sees and explore them, rather than trying to visit all the places during your Amsterdam tours. Below are some itinerary tips for you.

Day 1

Free Walking Tour

Start your beautiful day in the magical city with a morning walk. This is the best way to blend in with the city, along with enjoying the charismatic view of the city in the morning. Carry a local map while traveling, so that you can find your selected places easily.

Canal Tours

There is no way that you can properly explore Amsterdam without a cruise through the captivating canals. So enjoy a relaxing ride through the incredibly beautiful lakes. You can choose either a private boat tour, or hire out a small boat for an affordable ride.

Van Gogh Museum

This is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Even though the place is crowded, the masterpieces of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh are worth it. You can also learn his biography and the details of his works in chronological order.


This is one of the most popular museums, located near the Van Gogh Museum. You can reach the place easily and explore most of the famous artworks of veteran artists, many historical objects, craftworks, etc.

Day 2

Anne Frank Museum

Start your Day-2 with the Anne Frank museum, which is a must-see place, especially if there are kids with you. Note that you must reserve your tickets beforehand to avoid long queues and crowds.

Jordaan Area

Stroll through this residential area, which offers exquisite cafes, restaurants, and shops. Here the crowds will be less because this beautiful place is less explored by the average tourist. You can also enjoy this area by renting bikes, which is commonly done.

Tulip Museum

This is the best place where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of tulip flowers. Here, they have beautifully narrated the history of tulip flowers in Holland.


This is one of the most visited parks in Amsterdam. Enjoy an evening here by relaxing, playing your favorite sports, and sipping tasty coffee, which is famous here.

Red Light District

Finish your day with a tour of the red light area. Here, you can see and understand the life of sex workers. Note that the place is really professional, and people who behave rudely will be hosed with water by the guards.