Important Rules to Follow in the Red Light District

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that every ardent traveler craves to visit again and again. The city is mainly known for the picturesque canals, beautiful bridges, natural landscapes, tulip blooms in every nook and cranny, architectural wonders, etc. These factors contribute to the concept of the city being a fairyland. Besides, two of the most infamous things in Amsterdam are weeds and the Red Light District.

In most cases, many question map pop in your head when it comes to the Red Light District and you may feel mixed emotions of embarrassment and curiosity as well; this is quite normal. Actually, you can see a tourist pandemonium at De Wallen or Red Light District since there are many interesting things to see here, such as antique buildings, canals, window prostitution, etc.

One of the most famous attractions here is the Sex Museum; the gallery will walk you through the past and present of the brothel business in the Dutch capital. Apart from this, there are many street food markets, and antique furniture and clothing stores here, which are sure to offer you some good deals. However, it is better to come during the daytime if you prefer to venture these attractions in the street because it will be really crowded during the nighttime.

Even though Red Light District is an infamous stretch on the Amsterdam map, it contributes a lot to Amsterdam tourism these days. When you reach here, you can see sex workers appearing behind different windows in the early afternoon; they will be trying to attract the passers-by wearing attractive costumes or by knocking on the windows. However, the street will not be that crowded at this time. In fact, the peak time at Red Light District is from 11:00 pm onwards.

It is not necessary that every person visiting the Red Light District is interested in having sexual intercourse with prostitutes; there are many other interesting things to do here too. However, no matter why you plan on exploring the street, there are some important and unspoken rules that you must keep in mind. Some of those key rules are listed below.

Public Alcohol Consumption is Banned

Consumption of alcohol at certain places in Amsterdam is banned and the Red Light District is one of those areas. In fact, you cannot even carry bottles or cans of alcohol with you while visiting the Red Light District.

Street Prostitution is Illegal

Street prostitution is illegal in the Red Light District and the sex workers are only allowed to lure the customers sitting behind the windows. If any other workers are caught engaged in prostitution and if someone is entertaining it, both the sex worker and the customer will be penalized for that.

Public Weed Consumption is Banned

Even though consumption of cannabis is legal in Amsterdam, you cannot use it at the Red Light District according to the latest law. In fact, you must keep the windows of your room shut while consuming weeds in the Red Light District.

No Misbehaving with the Sex Workers

You must behave properly with the sex workers here. In fact, any kind of abusing such as calling names, gawking, etc., are punishable offense in the Red Light District. If you do any such this, the bouncers will hose you down.

Photography is Prohibited

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One of the most important and unspoken rules in the Red Light District is the prohibition of photography. That’s right, you cannot take photos here irrespective of whether you are in the street for sightseeing or for hiring a prostitute. In fact, you cannot even stare at the workers for more than a couple of minutes.

Window Brothel Working Hours

The window prostitution will be open for 22 hours a day. To be precise; the prostitutes will be working from 08:00 am to 06:00 am. The women here tend to work in different shifts of eight hours. If a worker is not available, the red light on their window will be switched off.

Littering is Banned

Red Light District is actually one of the most beautiful places to see in Amsterdam – the coffee pubs, scenic canals, illuminated bridges, old church, etc., make the place so incredible. Hence, just like other areas in Amsterdam, littering is banned in the Red Light District as well.

Street Canvassers Will Be Punished

In the Red Light District, street canvassing is a punishable offense just like street prostitution. In such cases, both the sex worker as well as the promoter will be fined 115 Euros. In addition, the Sex Workers Committee will take many other strict actions against them.

You Can Negotiate

If you are interested in any window girl here, you can directly talk to her. Then, they will start negotiating and the rest will be on your bargaining skills. However, you cannot expect a rate less than 50 Euros.