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Amsterdam is a diverse city with different cultures and traditions. It has welcomed customs from all over the world with open arms, and it is no different in the case of food. You can find a variety of cuisines in Amsterdam and this is proof of the multi-cultural nature of Amsterdam. Immigrants and visitors from all across the world brought different tastes to this place and it became more fascinating when these tastes are blended with the exotic native food.

Cuisines from all over the world have influenced Amsterdam. Therefore, this city gave a chance for foreign tourists to relish their own tastes even when they are far away from home country. Whether you are from Africa, India, France, Italy or any other country, you will be able to find your native foods here. Hence, no need to worry about missing the taste of your homely food during your Amsterdam tours, as this wonderful city has everything you need. If you are planning Amsterdam tours and pondering about finding restaurants that serves your native cuisine here, we are here to help you.

Following are some of the foreign food cultures that influenced Amsterdam significantly. Knowing them will help you to find your favorite cuisines during your Amsterdam tours.

South East Asian and Far Eastern

One of the foreign cuisines that is really famous in Amsterdam is the Indonesian food. Risjttafel is a popular Indonesian food which is a combination of several small dishes. Visit the Blauw restaurant for finding the most authentic Indonesian cuisine, while Bird will serve you a variety of curry dishes. Kinnaree is another Indonesian restaurant that is located at an excellent site.

The Sea Palace of Amsterdam is a wonderful place where you can find delicious Chinese dishes. For Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine Sherpa is the most popular one, whereas Genki is a wonderful sushi restaurant. For enjoying alternative Japanese dining, visit the Japanese Pancake World that serves mouth-watering pancakes.


Africa is a place with a variety of traditional foods that varies according to the region. These varieties can be also found in Amsterdam too. Paloma Blanca may sound like a Spanish restaurant, but in reality, it serves different African food varieties.

Azmarino is another African restaurant in Amsterdam which serves some authentic dishes like meat stews which are flavored with Ethiopian and Eritrean spices. No cutlery is used in this restaurant which makes it unique. Your dish will be served along with pancakes that you have to use to scoop the meat. The beer will be served in coconut shells here, which will give you traditional dining experience.


Indian foods are somewhat rare in Amsterdam, however, it does not mean that they are unavailable. There are some fantastic Indian restaurants in the city which serves excellent dishes. Moti Mahal is one of such restaurants that includes an extensive menu. It offers different traditional foods of India including meat, fish and vegetarian varieties. It also provides delicious curries and wonderful desserts which makes it an ideal place for enjoying the taste of India.

Ashoka is another place where you can get both Indian and Nepalese food items, while Vijaya is known for its unique Indian dishes. Both these restaurants provide a perfect dining experience for those who love Indian cuisine.

South American and Surinamese

You can find a large number of Argentinian steakhouses in Amsterdam. Toro Dorade is one of the finest among them. Another one is Gauchos, which is a Dutch Chain restaurant that serves Argentinian steaks, you can also go for Alberto’s, which offers Uruguayan steaks.

If you are craving for some Brazilian dishes, visit The Samba Kitchen which serves excellent foods like barbecued beef along with caipirinhas.

Surinamese food takes inspiration from Hindu and Chinese traditions, and this can be experienced in restaurants like Wan Pipel. Another restaurant called Warung Marlon provides traditional Javanese food, whereas New Draver offers both Surinamese and Creole food.

Middle Eastern and Turkish

Turkish cuisine has a long history in Amsterdam similar to Indonesian food and is very famous in the city. It can be found throughout Amsterdam. One of the well-known restaurants that is famous for Middle Eastern dishes is Levant which offers a wide menu. The restaurant got its inspiration from Levantine people.

Divan is another good restaurant which offers sit-down facilities which makes it an alternative for other takeaway Turkish restaurants. It provides a wide selection of dishes including meat, fish and also vegetables. Artist serves wonderful Lebanese food and also other middle-eastern dishes like shawarma, hummus, mezze and different soups, etc.


As you can guess, Amsterdam also provides awide range of dishes from its European neighborhoods. La Zoccola del Pacioccone offers wonderful pizzas, whereas, Pasta Pasta serves cheap and tasty pasta dishes with fresh sauce and plenty of toppings. La Olivia is famous for dishes from Spain’s Basque region and Ciel Bleu is an elegant French restaurant.